Friday, January 30, 2009

The Heart of My Son!

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I am so thankful to be able to share this homemaker moment. I had the opportunity to hear the heart of my son. He was accused of physically hurting another child. As soon as my child's name was mentioned in relation to hurting another child Dad when off! I have found myself doing the exact same thing on other occasions. Mainly because we don't expect our children (son in particular) to respond in seemingly harsh ways.

Long story short, after all was said and done I went in to talk to our son. I simply told him to tell me what happened. He really did not get a chance to do that before. So reluctantly he did. After explaining I understood why it happened. Then I said what else is going on. He slowly poured his heart out. I am so thankful! It was wonderful to actually listen to his heart and understand where he is. We need to make more room for times like these.

As parents we are often "the mouth" and seldom "the ear". I would encourage all to listen to the heart of your child. To actually close your mouth and open your ear. You may hear Christ speak in your ear through the mouth of your child!


Holly said...

Amen sister.... struggling to hear Ross, especially since he doesn't want to talk to me right now... sigh.

Vicky said...

What a great Homemaker Moment, Nicolle and what a great challenge for us to be an "ear" more than a "mouth" regarding our kids! I enjoyed reading this very much. Nice new look for your blog, BTW!
God bless you girl!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Thanks Ladies! I think we can truly benefit by hearing our children...after all we want to be heard from those around us. I am praying for you and Ross, Holly.

Love Ya