Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special Thanks to...

Chi Alpha of UCA (Matt Carpenter, Jennifer Barnett, Jennifer Schiefer, Tony Williams and the rest of the leadership staff) for helping organize and gather people to help demolish the trailer on Saturday November 21, 2009. I want to say thanks for sharing the load with us! May the Lord richly bless this partnership for His Glory and Name Sake!

Trailer Pictures to follow...

An awesome testimony came from that experience. Rebecca a member of the City of Hope Outreach who resides in the trailer park came out to help with the demolition. On Sunday she shared that while tearing down the trailer she felt the Lord speaking to her about her purpose. That she is a helper. She also spoke of how as she was hammering at the trailer it was as if Christ was hammering away sinful strong holds in her life. Praise the LORD that was an awesome testamony!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Cheer Squad!

Just wanted to share pictures of my first little cheer squad! If you are wondering why they are wearing pants and not cheer skirts the answer is... I did not want my daughters showing off their butt cheeks! I personally feel that is unneccessary. I cheered in college and the skirt was short but my butt cheeks did not hang out as a matter common place. That really makes me sick. Like what is the purpuse of all that? Okay sorry to go crazy because the point of this post was just to show off my squad. It was fun! All the girls were cheering for their big brothers on the Broncos football team. Again it was really fun!

Monday, November 16, 2009



We need volunteers to....

1) Send money to purchase 100 food boxes
2) People to help shop on November 17, 2009 @ 10:00am
3) People to assemble food boxes on November 19, 2009 @ 10:00am

Let us know how you would like to get involved!


Sunday, November 15, 2009


1. How do you and your husband work together?
2. What is your conflict resolution method?
3. What does submission look like in your home?
4. What are things that you as the wife do and what are the things that you as the husband do?
5. Who leads family bible study? Do you have family bible study?
6. If you are going on a long trip who drives and why?

Here are my answers...
1. I am the social network lady (as my husbands says..."the social butterfly" while he is the overall visionary...in most areas. You could say I am the Captain and he is the Commander.

2. We talk things out almost to the death! Of course after we internalized our own position. I think we try to not speak out of pure fiery anger.

3. We make decisions together however God has given my husband the authority to make final decisions and I submit to that. We don't function like barbaric cave people, "YOU Woman, Get Food!" as some would suppose submission to mean. My husband loves me and seeks to honor God with the gift (me) that he has been given. In fact my role in submission is pretty easy because God called him to be a sacrificial servant leader. Really, who wouldn't want to submit to that type of leadership.!?!

4.I do most of the interaction with people and lots and lots of administration stuff. Phil works, helps around the house, pays the bills and he gives our family its style, tone and direction.

5. Phil normally leads family bible study. I will lead if it is just the kids and I but if the whole family is together usually Phil leads.

6.Phil drives on a long trip almost 100% of the time. Why??? because I will go to sleep in the car usually after 5 minutes on the freeway. Remember we are talking about long distance trips. If figure if I go to sleep we will get there faster and avoid arguing about his driving technique. It is a win win. He listens to sermons and delights in the Lord!

What is your marriage like?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Urban Missionaries

"There's a dude on the corner thats out there smoking weed,that need to hear the TRUTH because the TRUTH will set him free. There's a baby in the building that don't got no food, cause her mama on the block trying to get it from them dudes. Aint nothing wrong with you going over seas, but there is people on your same street that need to be free, if you want to do a mission you aint gotta look far, there some people need to hear the TRUTH in ya back yard.....at the bus stop, girls are the beauty shop,dudes at the barber shop, the people at the car wash, the dude sitting next to you at the coffee shop, we suppose to hit the hood until it look like God's block...." -Thisl Urban Missionaries

I read this from Nicole's blog Rebuild the City, and it hit me. This is my heart. I can't explain why it is that many are so driven to foreign mission and forsake the urban mission two miles down the road. I am specifically speaking to the residents in the city where I live. I am sure this message goes beyond that of Conway Arkansas, but none the less this is where I am.

I have often wondered Lord why this place? Then I see the needs of those hurting around me and think oh it is because of these. These that have been ignored in many circles. We have been pioneers in this town and for that I am thankful. Yet my heart desperately longs for a family that God would call to this urban mission in Conway Arkansas. However until such time I will take great heart and joy from the individuals the Lord has and is bringing our way. In addition to that I will receive encouragement from all the other urban missionaries around the U.S. that have blogs I can find! Thanks again Nicole I found a host of wonderful urban missionaries that Lord has used to encourage me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

IS this a GOOD SIGN?!

About a year ago a family (let's call them the Wild's) moved into the trailer park. Mr. Wild and Mrs. Wild's would come out to the church gatherings we would have. It was really nice to have met them. It was funny because Mr. Wild did not have long pants and it was very cool at this time. So he would listen to the Sunday gathering from his trailer with the window lifted. Phil and Mr. Wild would often have conversations back and forth to make sure he felt as much apart of the fellowship as those sitting right there. Mrs. Wild and their son little Wild would physically join the group. Again it was our delight and pleasure to help and serve them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as some physical needs (food, clothes, conversation etc.).

Mrs. Wild began attending the women's bible study on Tuesday afternoons. She was really interested and excited to learn about the Lord. I felt like she was eating it up. Then she fall ill. She was placed in hospital care for about a month. While she was there the only person to visit her was my husband. She was so grateful. Then she came home and things seemed odd. Mr. Wild was into drugs and things of that nature. Mrs. Wild was strange in behavior. Phil and I picked that there was physical abuse taking place. So we prayed and waited for the Lord to lead us. Then Mrs. Wild called me over to another trailer to talk. She was hiding out from her husband. She wanted help but was very afraid. I suggested the woman's shelter here in town and gave her the information she needed to get that taken care of. For her protection as well as her sons. There was verbal and much physical abuse toward both of them. Neighbors who helped were fearful of their safety in this situation.

After about a week. I don't see her and I made contact with the shelter and find that she is there. She calls me, we talk, it is going well for her there. We attempted to get together and have her come to "Friday Morning Coffee" but that never worked out. Time passes and I find from the director that she found a place and is moving out. Both the shelter director and I were concerned that this was not the best move for her. However, she was following all the move out rules. Again about a week passes and I see her in the trailer park with Mr. Wild. WHAT?! I was at a complete loss. To top it off Mr. Wild is acting a pure fool about how we took his wife and put her in the woman's shelter. So here begins my personal struggle with the flesh and the spirit.

This couple now ignores our very existence. I have spoken to both of them together and individually and they both would look me in the face and not say a word! REALLY? Okay. So I thought she is in a prison controlled by Mr. Wild and I will back away and simply pray for this family. Let's add a little more light to this subject. If the church would have a feeding they would show up, only for the food part. They would also speak to me then, but not any other time. Again my thoughts are REALLY!?!? FAST FORWARD!

This past weekend was the medical outreach and regular Sunday gathering. Phil knocked on their door and invited them to the medical outreach. They came out with great excitement. Mr. Wild was talking to Phil and saying I am so glad you are here and really glad you got that trailer....(PAUSE)

The day I got the keys for the trailer Mr. Wild started talking all crazy towards me, "You are going to hear from me! That trailer is mine and you can't have it. I'm going to raise hell about that!" HUMMMMMMMMM! Lord seriously what is going on? Now we knew he had no rights to the trailer. He was talking loud about nothing, so I ignored him with a smile. (Okay press PLAY)

It seemed that things may be getting better. Maybe the Lord was healing some wounds and things were looking good for them. So Mrs. Wild walks over and joins us for Sunday gathering. Now I am a little shocked but I was also excited to see what the Lord was doing. She stayed the whole time and then at the end of our time together Phil partnered individuals to pray for our families.

He came from Mark 6:14-29 highlighting our sin effects not only us but our whole family. So as a conclusion we were to pray for each others families. It just so happened that I was partnered with Mrs. Wild. So I prayed for her family and she prayed for mine.

Then Mr. Wild came outside. He walked right up to her and said, "You need to come inside. Your phone has been ringing and this is a waste of time. You don't need to be brainwashed by these people!" REALLY! So she sits with me for a few seconds more. Then he yells to her again from his trailer. As he is yelling for her to come, I look directly at him or rather into the spirit that is at work in him. I said nothing out loud but very clearly stand my ground in the authority and power of Jesus Christ. Then he says "I don't like her!" repeatedly. Mrs. Wild was in the home being abused verbally because she came to gather with the saints for worship. Mr. Wild then began to call us all kinds of things other than children of God. Now some were un-nerved and shocked. Most were unaware of what was taking place. My husband, Mr. and Mrs. Wild and one lady from the church and I were the only ones aware of this situation. I praise God for that. However I would ask that you would sincerely pray for Mrs. Wild. That she would be set free, and that Mr. Wild would receive Christ as Savior!

Now that you have the story. I ask myself is this a good sign? I think of the scripture that says, Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10 I think of that as a one up for me. Then I am reminded of Romans 12:14 "Bless those who persecute you:bless and do not curse." There is the balance. I am asking the Lord to help me to bless and not curse, help me remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers of darkness. Help me Lord to love like you love and not withhold. Pray for wisdom with my whole family.

Some might ask are you afraid. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact I might more bold than I should be. I fully trust the provision and protection of God through the Holy Spirit and in the natural, my husband. I am not a victim but a victor in Christ so my identity comes from Him and not that of fear of man.

Okay I just added that little note. Here is my completed thought in regards to scripture.

In John 15:18-27. Mr. Wild and Mrs. Wild's response was and is simply because they do not know Christ. In the end that is why we are serving in this community. I will add to this post next week beginning with the passage of scripture in John. If you have any thoughts to share please feel free to comment. I would love to hear what words the Lord would give you in regards to this whole situation.