Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Urban Missionaries

"There's a dude on the corner thats out there smoking weed,that need to hear the TRUTH because the TRUTH will set him free. There's a baby in the building that don't got no food, cause her mama on the block trying to get it from them dudes. Aint nothing wrong with you going over seas, but there is people on your same street that need to be free, if you want to do a mission you aint gotta look far, there some people need to hear the TRUTH in ya back yard.....at the bus stop, girls are the beauty shop,dudes at the barber shop, the people at the car wash, the dude sitting next to you at the coffee shop, we suppose to hit the hood until it look like God's block...." -Thisl Urban Missionaries

I read this from Nicole's blog Rebuild the City, and it hit me. This is my heart. I can't explain why it is that many are so driven to foreign mission and forsake the urban mission two miles down the road. I am specifically speaking to the residents in the city where I live. I am sure this message goes beyond that of Conway Arkansas, but none the less this is where I am.

I have often wondered Lord why this place? Then I see the needs of those hurting around me and think oh it is because of these. These that have been ignored in many circles. We have been pioneers in this town and for that I am thankful. Yet my heart desperately longs for a family that God would call to this urban mission in Conway Arkansas. However until such time I will take great heart and joy from the individuals the Lord has and is bringing our way. In addition to that I will receive encouragement from all the other urban missionaries around the U.S. that have blogs I can find! Thanks again Nicole I found a host of wonderful urban missionaries that Lord has used to encourage me.


Holly said...

There's an article on a couple in Nashville in the latest Christainity Today mag -- which I have no idea why we are getting but hey....

As far as missionaries we are to be that wherever God places us/calls us to be. Passion for the place God calls you is good whether that street is in Africa, Conway or the middle of the Mojave ;)

righteousnessbyfaith said...

I praise God that He has placed so many different people groups, cities, countries, etc on so many different people's hearts....if we were all called to the same place, how would the gospel be spread to the ends of the earth?
Of course, God could do it however He pleases, but you know what I mean. ;)
I do agree however, that many only think of another country across the world when they hear the terms missionary or mission trip. But we, as believers and followers of the Creator God are all missionaries and our mission field is right where God has placed us...wherever we are at any given moment.
Keep it up- your ministry and the sacrifices your family has made and continues to make for your service to these people and to the Lord, blesses and encourages me immensely.