Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Cheer Squad!

Just wanted to share pictures of my first little cheer squad! If you are wondering why they are wearing pants and not cheer skirts the answer is... I did not want my daughters showing off their butt cheeks! I personally feel that is unneccessary. I cheered in college and the skirt was short but my butt cheeks did not hang out as a matter common place. That really makes me sick. Like what is the purpuse of all that? Okay sorry to go crazy because the point of this post was just to show off my squad. It was fun! All the girls were cheering for their big brothers on the Broncos football team. Again it was really fun!

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Holly said...

To cute! I know what you mean... being in the homeschool group volleyball team our girls shorts were NOT spankies, we played one team who wore them which was fine except for one girl who I just wanted to go out and pull them down a little and say there now you're covered! :) lookin good girls!