Sunday, October 31, 2010

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 6, 2010 we will be having another Nehemiah Project.  For this Nehemiah Project we will be making rounds through the Oakwood Mobile Home Park to rake leaves and clean around the outside of peoples trailers.  We will have the largest part of our effort cleaning the cement slab that King's Club is normally held.  The cement slab is very large and often has debre, trash and broken glass.  We are making it our priority to clean the area to create a safe environment for our children to all play.

Then following that project we will have King's Club for the children of the community to come out a play.  It promises to be an amazing day.

If you would like to join this Nehemiah Project please contact Cory at  if you are interested in serving with King's Club please contact Jared or Liz at


Continued Picture Show

Family October 2010

My Mother Julia Kollmyer and I

extended family photo 2010

New & Old Family Pictures!

December 2007

October 2010
Fall 2009

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 R's Tutoring Needs more TUTORS!

We have run into a problem.  It is one of the problem we like to have though.  We have had an increase in the number of students needing tutoring.  Therefore, we could use some assistance.  If you think you would like to serve with us in tutoring children who need it please contact us at

Tutor a child today!

Marriage Talks: New Podcast

My King (Phillip Fletcher) and I have started a conversation series on marriage.  It is called "Marriage Talks".  These conversations between Phil and I are frank, open and direct.  

This particular conversation began with my husband asking, "What are big sin issues for women?  You hear people all the time talk about men in pornography but you don't hear about a woman's struggle."

So, please enjoy our very first discussion about the struggles men and women face.  Click here to listen.
Feel free to comment.

Monday, October 25, 2010

World Banquet is SATURDAY OCTOBER 30, 2010

World Banquet 2010

So you are asking what in the world is the World Banquet?  Well, allow me a few moments of your time to explain.

The World Banquet is an experiential dinner.  You will randomly be immersed into a specific people group from these areas North America, Latin America,  Europe, Africa, South Asia and East Asia. 
As our night progresses you will experience a traditional meal from the culture you are experiencing.  You will not go from culture to culture to experience their world.  Just the one you are selected to attend, with your eyes you will see and feel the emotions from what others are experiencing.  You will immediately be surprised by the distinctions.  We will have music and dancing from some of the cultures.  There will be a few live bands sharing music from the Isaiah 58 Project. Really and truly this in a night you don't want to miss.  

This is an awareness evening.  Your eyes will be enlightened!  

Tickets are currently on sale at the Christian Book Outlet (Conway Commons), Hope Community Center, Chi Alpha of UCA (see Jennifer Mouser), or reply here and I can help you get tickets.  The price is $25 for adults and $15 for students.   Ticket sales END at MIDNIGHT TUESDAY OCTOBER 26, 2010.  If you would like to attend but can not purchase your ticket until later in the week please notify me and we can reserve a ticket for you.  All proceeds go to directly benefit the poor in the City of Conway. 

We are on Facebook under City of Hope Outreach.


The World Banquet...See & Experience the cultures of the world
Saturday October 30, 2010 @ 6:30p-9:00p
Peace Lutheran Family Life Center
800 S. Donaghey
Conway, Arkansas 72034
501-499-1043 for more information

God IS!

I want to make it clear how wonderful and amazing our God truly is.  It isn't really because my life is perfect and everything is going great, but it is because of WHO God IS! 
God IS......


Shall I go on? If you have a characteristic of God to add to this list please do so.  If you have time share how God showed up in your life through that specific characteristic do that too.  If you have scriptures that will also help us to encourage each other.

Some pictures from California! June 2010

This is my mother and dad (step father)

My oldest sister and her daughters!  The Chocolate Beauties!  :)

My nephew and girlfriend.  He is the son of my oldest sister Chocolate beauty!

My girls with my father

My Mother and I