Sunday, October 31, 2010

Upcoming Events

Saturday November 6, 2010 we will be having another Nehemiah Project.  For this Nehemiah Project we will be making rounds through the Oakwood Mobile Home Park to rake leaves and clean around the outside of peoples trailers.  We will have the largest part of our effort cleaning the cement slab that King's Club is normally held.  The cement slab is very large and often has debre, trash and broken glass.  We are making it our priority to clean the area to create a safe environment for our children to all play.

Then following that project we will have King's Club for the children of the community to come out a play.  It promises to be an amazing day.

If you would like to join this Nehemiah Project please contact Cory at  if you are interested in serving with King's Club please contact Jared or Liz at


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