Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This past Sunday a man we will call "Mr. Hustler" came to Phil and made a sincere request. Mr. Hustler has two daughters and one son. We have spend many days conversing and showing Christ love to Mr. Hustler. One of his daughters is in school with my children, and the other goes to another school and then his son will start next year. Mr. Hustler has made several comments about how do you raise these kids and meet all the deadlines pertaining to school and other stuff. Well finally a huge door opened. Mr Hustler while smoking some substance pulled up and asked my husband could we help him with his children. They are being negatively influence by peers, and struggling in school. Would you let my kids hang out with your kids sometime? Okay and now for the mouth drop! Did he seriously ask us to help him with his children? WOW!

While this is a fabulous door open I must confess we did not expect this kind of door opening. We are strong advocates of family integrated worship, parent training and disciplining their own children, and the church just helps the parents fulfil their role. We are against parents abdicating their responsibility to someone else. With all that said we are asking the Lord to show us how to go about this. At this point we believe we need to invite Mr. Hustler, the girlfriend, and the kids over for dinner. During dinner we will live our life before them and then detail some areas that will help him....CHRIST! SO we ask for your prayers as the Lord is opening unexpected doors.

There was another door opened as well. There was a lady and her husband who asked could we help them "marriage counseling". This couple has been opposed to us being in the trailer park for sometime now. They are not aware that we know but this was the couple that called the police to shut down the medical outreach. So again imagine my "what?" when the husband asked for us to counsel them.

It is clear the Lord is working some things out. We desire your prayers that we would hear the Lord and follow His direction and not our own!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Here is the word or actually words from scripture that have encouraged me.

But when Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things that have come,then through the greater and more perfect tent (not made with hands, that is, not of this creation) he entered once for all into the holy places, not by means of the blood of goats and calves but by means of his own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption. For if the blood of goats and bulls, and the sprinkling of defiled persons with the ashes of a heifer, sanctify for the purification of the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God.

Christ secured our eternal redemption by His own blood! Then He sat down next to the Father in Glory. I am so thankful that our redemption is eternal and secured in Christ RIGHT NOW!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Isn't it lovely! This is the trailer that will serve as the headquarters for City of Hope (formerly Berean Christian Ministry). We are excited to have a space right in the trailer park. We will continue to serve and love the community of Oakwood as we always have. This building will be used for afterschool tutoring in the fall, marriage and family counseling, Sunday morning worship when the weather is too cold or hot outside etc. etc.

The trailer is being gutted and restored on the inside. So it will be one or two months before we actually move in. Thanks for all your support.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Medical Outreach Pictures

We held our first medical outreach on Sunday April 5, 2009. It was a wonderful time together. Dr. Todd Ghormley of Conway organized the medical staff. There was one doctor, four nurses, six faithful prayer warriors who prayed with everyone that came by. We also had six face painters, one hairdresser, a barber, tons of college youth playing games and working activities with all who came through. I am blessed to be apart of such a wonderful ministry. We are seeing men and women be served with the two handed approach. The GOSPEL of Jesus Christ in one and physical helps in the other!

I am going to list a few things that took place that you may Glorify our Father in Heaven.

A lady of Mormon faith has a son in a wheel chair. They moved from one side of the trailer park to the other. However they were unable to move the ramp from their old trailer to the new one. About five of people serving with the medical outreach got together and moved the ramp to her new trailer. We were witnesses for Jesus Christ the true and living God for this woman. I later saw her and she remembered the act of kindness that was shown to her by this Christian ministry.

A man who has been a faith member had an abscess on his stomach. He was able to be checked out and taken later to the doctor's office and the abscess was removed! He is doing very well!

An older lady (55), who is often bruised from falling. Received medical treatment, face painting, and somehow my daughters gave her my absolute favorite pen and a journal. (that was not a part of the outreach) As she was walking away she (the older lady) was thrilled about how she was treated and the pen and journal she got. As she showed me the stuff the girls gave her I could only smile because she had more joy from those items then I ever would.

Many more things took place but those we some of the highlights! Click here the title to view the pictures from the outreach.


Here is a story that I can share with you now that it is over. I have a very bad tendency to drive around on E. The first time this was revealed to my husband was while travelling across country (Kentucky to California). We were some place and I had taken over. My husband went to sleep, but before he dosed off he stop at the next station for gas. I said Okay with much glee and fully intended to follow his instructions. Well I passed several stations feeling very confident that I would make it to the next one when I needed to. By now I am on E, in the red, etc. etc. Phil wakes up sees the gas hand and is NOT very happy. Now remember I'm the wife of a SOLDIER! So I am feeling good about the whole thing telling Phil it's cool I know my van. Well needless to say we ran out of gas but were about to make in by the skin of our teeth...or shall I say my teeth. After that Phil made it very clear that was not to happen again. ROGER that!

So last Monday was a very busy day for me and the kids. Oh I have to add that Phil has been on me about riding on E while living in Conway. He has called it sin, false pride, and arrogance but it seems odd to use those terms in relation to your wife who is only trying to save gas $. :) Anyway back to Monday, I was on E, I needed to pick the kids up from school, meet with a client on the other side of town, then go home, and get two of my children ready for soccer practice in a whole other direction. Of course I was running and pushed for time, so that left no room to get gas. Alright I made it to all my destinations. Phil met us at the soccer field as usually to watch the rest of practice. After about 40 minutes at the field together Phil suggested I go ahead to get dinner on the table. I was more than happy to do that because it was FREEZING at that practice. In my van turn the ignition and nothing! OH MY WORD! Have I run out of gas!? This is not good! Phil watching from the distance. I tried again..NOTHING! So I took the walk of shame back to him to say "I ran out of gas". He looks in silence and gathers to troops then we go home. On the car ride he says you are going to learn not to do this. You have to fix this yourself as a lesson. I say okay because really what could I say. We get home and I ask my dad (who lives next door) for the gas can. He agrees after repeat the embarrassing story. He then comments I know where you got that from your MOMMA! Just after that Phil walks in, only it was more like a storms in. He ask my dad to ride with him to fill the car and get it back home. Again my dad agrees and off the two guys went.

The kids and I remained home in warm weather conditions while my husband and dad froze because of my negligent behavior. I apologized to Phil for being difficult, dishonoring and disobedient. He of course forgave me, but made a point to point me to the Savior. Christ bore punishment for sin He never committed. The sin I committed Christ carried and I walked away free. That day I ran out of gas and did not have to lift a finger to fix it. My debt was paid by innocent men that day. I am very thankful for the pictures of Christ that are reveled in our everyday lives.

On a side note...
How many of us are riding on spiritual fumes? It is time fo fill up!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally the actual Confession

Okay so it has been several weeks now that the Lord revealed this to me. I still feel compelled to share it with you. I was working on a praise dance to this song called "YES". It basically ask the question will you say yes to the Lord even when He reveals what His will is for you. Are willing to give to the Lord when He is requiring more than you think you can give? At that same time I had a conversation with a sister in Montgomery who is laboring in similiar ways as we are. There is one very distinct difference...this woman and her family live in the community where God has called them to serve.

And there my friends is my confession. My husband mentioned to me over a year ago about moving our family into the Oakwood mobile home park (the place we serve). When he asked I said NO, when others asked I have said NO. But if God asked would I still say NO? That was the question I was faced with. It became very clear to me that I was holding apart of myself from the Lord. Yes I am willing to go and serve the Lord any and everywhere, but to make those places my home uh NO! There I said it! The filth in my heart revealed and on the table for all to see! Truth be told, it doesn't even matter that you can see. What matters is God saw and because of His love and compassion for me He showed me my heart. People understand this is DEEP!

So you ask where I am today? I have no desire to move to Oakwood. I desire to love and serve the people that live there and point them to Christ. As far as the requirements of the Lord. If He wants us there we will be there. Just as He was gracious to reveal my heart He can change it too!