Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here is a story that I can share with you now that it is over. I have a very bad tendency to drive around on E. The first time this was revealed to my husband was while travelling across country (Kentucky to California). We were some place and I had taken over. My husband went to sleep, but before he dosed off he stop at the next station for gas. I said Okay with much glee and fully intended to follow his instructions. Well I passed several stations feeling very confident that I would make it to the next one when I needed to. By now I am on E, in the red, etc. etc. Phil wakes up sees the gas hand and is NOT very happy. Now remember I'm the wife of a SOLDIER! So I am feeling good about the whole thing telling Phil it's cool I know my van. Well needless to say we ran out of gas but were about to make in by the skin of our teeth...or shall I say my teeth. After that Phil made it very clear that was not to happen again. ROGER that!

So last Monday was a very busy day for me and the kids. Oh I have to add that Phil has been on me about riding on E while living in Conway. He has called it sin, false pride, and arrogance but it seems odd to use those terms in relation to your wife who is only trying to save gas $. :) Anyway back to Monday, I was on E, I needed to pick the kids up from school, meet with a client on the other side of town, then go home, and get two of my children ready for soccer practice in a whole other direction. Of course I was running and pushed for time, so that left no room to get gas. Alright I made it to all my destinations. Phil met us at the soccer field as usually to watch the rest of practice. After about 40 minutes at the field together Phil suggested I go ahead to get dinner on the table. I was more than happy to do that because it was FREEZING at that practice. In my van turn the ignition and nothing! OH MY WORD! Have I run out of gas!? This is not good! Phil watching from the distance. I tried again..NOTHING! So I took the walk of shame back to him to say "I ran out of gas". He looks in silence and gathers to troops then we go home. On the car ride he says you are going to learn not to do this. You have to fix this yourself as a lesson. I say okay because really what could I say. We get home and I ask my dad (who lives next door) for the gas can. He agrees after repeat the embarrassing story. He then comments I know where you got that from your MOMMA! Just after that Phil walks in, only it was more like a storms in. He ask my dad to ride with him to fill the car and get it back home. Again my dad agrees and off the two guys went.

The kids and I remained home in warm weather conditions while my husband and dad froze because of my negligent behavior. I apologized to Phil for being difficult, dishonoring and disobedient. He of course forgave me, but made a point to point me to the Savior. Christ bore punishment for sin He never committed. The sin I committed Christ carried and I walked away free. That day I ran out of gas and did not have to lift a finger to fix it. My debt was paid by innocent men that day. I am very thankful for the pictures of Christ that are reveled in our everyday lives.

On a side note...
How many of us are riding on spiritual fumes? It is time fo fill up!


These Three Kings said...

girl!!! wow
this is convicting...
no other words
thanks for sharing... wow

the LORD is using you in my life BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Aaron and Abby said... am I prideful. i can relate more than you know! good stuff woman

2x2 Ministries said...

Your husband is a good man. :)