Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This past Sunday a man we will call "Mr. Hustler" came to Phil and made a sincere request. Mr. Hustler has two daughters and one son. We have spend many days conversing and showing Christ love to Mr. Hustler. One of his daughters is in school with my children, and the other goes to another school and then his son will start next year. Mr. Hustler has made several comments about how do you raise these kids and meet all the deadlines pertaining to school and other stuff. Well finally a huge door opened. Mr Hustler while smoking some substance pulled up and asked my husband could we help him with his children. They are being negatively influence by peers, and struggling in school. Would you let my kids hang out with your kids sometime? Okay and now for the mouth drop! Did he seriously ask us to help him with his children? WOW!

While this is a fabulous door open I must confess we did not expect this kind of door opening. We are strong advocates of family integrated worship, parent training and disciplining their own children, and the church just helps the parents fulfil their role. We are against parents abdicating their responsibility to someone else. With all that said we are asking the Lord to show us how to go about this. At this point we believe we need to invite Mr. Hustler, the girlfriend, and the kids over for dinner. During dinner we will live our life before them and then detail some areas that will help him....CHRIST! SO we ask for your prayers as the Lord is opening unexpected doors.

There was another door opened as well. There was a lady and her husband who asked could we help them "marriage counseling". This couple has been opposed to us being in the trailer park for sometime now. They are not aware that we know but this was the couple that called the police to shut down the medical outreach. So again imagine my "what?" when the husband asked for us to counsel them.

It is clear the Lord is working some things out. We desire your prayers that we would hear the Lord and follow His direction and not our own!


righteousnessbyfaith said...

Praise God! This is so awesome! I am so excited and encouraged to see the Lord moving!

2x2 Ministries said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I will be praying that you will be sensitive to the Spirit as He leads.