Sunday, November 23, 2008

PRAY for your man!

The Lord opened my eyes to a truth on Tuesday and completed it on Wednesday. I need to be faithfully praying for my husband. Why haven't I been faithful in that area? I just felt like he has it together (with the Lord).

Well after the Lord revealed to me that I pray faithfully for my children and not so much for my husband... I had to do something about it. Then I realized I am not the only woman who seems to neglect to pray for her husband. It seems we expect them (our hubands) to know how to love, care for, and nurture us. When in fact it is as difficult for them as it is for us to submit or be respectful.

So, as the Lord would have it I will be opening my home on Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 for the specific purpose of women coming together to pray for their husbands and marriages. This will not be hang out time but very specific and purposeful prayer. I know many of you would not be able to attend based on location. I would encourage you to open your home to a few ladies to faithfully pray for your husbands as well. If you need more info. holla at me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Braving Bullets

The following is the story of Eric Reese who is doing mission work in the urban areas of Rio. His story has been a real source of encouragement as the Lord has called us to do similar work here in Conway. I pray that you are encouraged as well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Song of Song!

I had to post this one. I am personally convicted by what was revealed in this text. I would encourage couples to listen to this message together. If you can't then listen to it and discuss it with your spouse.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission To Africa

We went to Tanzania Africa on mission. I just wanted to share the slide I worked so hard to put together. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Personal Journey

To love someone who won't love you...

This man should have loved me.
This man should have viewed me as the joy of his life.
This man should have taken me for long walks in the park.
This man should have protected me from the man that raped me.
This man should have acknowledged that I belonged to him.
This man should have taught me to look both ways before I cross the street.

Where this man failed....

This woman will succeed.
This woman will love that man, even if he won't love back.
This woman will live a life to display the love of God to that man.
This woman will forgive that man.
This woman will die to herself and honor that man.
This woman will pray for that man.
This woman will speak of the ONE MAN who can save that man.

This is my journey. It is not a secret that I did not have a relationship with my birth father. However the Lord is using me to develop a relationship with the goal of sharing Christ with him. This has been a struggle. Somethings have changed in him but mostly in me. God purposed and planned my live. The one who I have been the most hurt and rejected by is the very one who needs me (well He who dwells in me) more than ever. So I purpose to look beyond my hurt and see the need. The need is for the Savior! My birth father needs Christ and I will succeed in presenting the gospel to him, in love with a pure and sincere heart. I no longer desire for God to get him..but that God would grant him repentance and receive him as the child he was unable to receive me as.


I was in prayer with a dear sister of mine and in her prayer she made a statement that captured my attention. She said...I am parphasing "it is better for no one to lead, than for me to lead above my husband." That was a very loose parphase, but it grabbed hold to my heart. Women in general have a way of making things happen. We will ensure that everything is done and taken care of no matter what! The kids will have what they need, there will be food to eat, we will use apple cider vinegar to clean the counter if we can't afford Pine Sol, we will bark orders to everyone in the house (including our husband). All in the name of service and managing our home well. What she said that day made me think. If there is an area that my husband or your husband has not stepped to the plate do you then assume to step up or are we called to leave that place void, therefore revealing the need for his leadership?

What are your thoughts????

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Older women.... IT IS TIME TO TEACH! Let me clarify what I mean by older women. Rather let me explain Titus 2 in relation to older women. The older woman here is a married woman who has children. Ladies we need to effort to make time to teach younger women "what is good" Titus 2:3. The "what is good", is to love their husband, love their children, to be self controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husband. Why do we need to teach these things see Titus 2:5b "that the word of God may not be reviled."

Older ladies we have to teach the younger women, because it is through our lives that the unsaved see Christ. When women don't love their own husbands, don't love their children, lack self control, are not pure, don't concern themselves with their home, are unkind, and not submissive to their own husband...they bring reproach on the Gospel of Christ. So I encourage an "older woman" to find a younger women and TEACH what is good!

Younger willing to be taught. Don't assume you know everything. Be humble and receive godly instruction and wisdom in Love. I have pick up this book by Carolyn Mahaney called Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother. The seven virtures are the "what is good" that the older women are to teach. So it was a perfect line up for me. I am very aware of my role as a wife, however there is alway more to learn that we may bring glory to Christ in all things. As the Lord speaks to my heart I will be sharing with you and I pray that the Lord will speak to your heart as well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me & Midwifery

A friend shared a vision of us becoming a midwifes. I had been very excited about beginning the journey to become a midwife...even if I had to do it alone. Anyway one of the test before I signed the dotted line and committed myself to school for midwifery training, was participating in a live birth. Now the last birth I saw was 1998 my god-daughter, and the last birth I had was 2002. So needless to say, it has been awhile. A dear sister in the Lord was planning a home birth with a midwife and I wanted to be apart of it. Remember this is my test. I had hoped the birth would be on a weekend and it was Saturday! Anyway it was amazing! It was a water birth, which I have never seen before. While observing the labor, it brought back the memories of when I gave birth. I understood and remembered the joy and of course the pain. Then I understood what husbands all over the world must feel when their spouse is in labor....HELPLESS! All you can do is give an encouraging word here and there, but that pain she had to bear all by herself.

Back to the whole midwife journey... I am purposing simply to watch to see if I could stomach the whole thing. Then the midwife put me to work! She was aware that I was interested in becoming a Midwife so immediately she had me doing stuff. Clean this, pick that up, watch this, she was full of wisdom and expertise. I learned so much...I have had three children and had no clue about some of the things I learned that day. For that I am very grateful.

I had been debating between becoming a doula or midwife. What is a doula? I know, I know! I did not understand at first either. Simply put the doula is the mother to the mother.

Doula: A non-medical assistant in childbirth. A doula is not the father but is usually a woman who is experienced in childbirth. The role of the doula is to provide the mother with physical and emotional assistance before, during, or after childbirth. Also known as a birth assistant, birth companion, childbirth assistant, or labor support professional. From the Greek doule referring to a woman who was a slave or servant.

The midwife is the "doctor" to the mother.

Midwife: A person trained to assist a woman during childbirth. Many midwives also provide prenatal care for pregnant women, birth education for women and their partners, and care for mothers and newborn babies after the birth. A midwife may be a man or a woman. Depending on local law, midwives may deliver babies in the mother's home, in a special birthing center or clinic, or in a hospital.

Most midwives specialize in normal, uncomplicated deliveries, referring women with health problems that could require hospitalization during birth to a hospital-based obstetrician. Others work with physicians as part of a team. Legal qualifications required to practice midwifery differ between the US states and various countries.

Okay so you have all the know the difference between a midwife and a doula. So at this point I am praying about the direction the Lord would lead me in. I am very open and simply longing for the Lord's will to be done in and through me.

Birth is an amazing process that all by itself brings GLORY to GOD! Take some time to think about it. The husband gives you a piece of himself then the wifes body nurtures and brings forth the husbands seed! AMAZING! God equipped us with everything we needed to bring forth life...anyway that is why I am interested in the whole process. However I am unsure which end (doula, midwife) to fully embrace. I'll keep you posted on this as I am more aware of the Lord's will for me.