Monday, November 10, 2008

Mission To Africa

We went to Tanzania Africa on mission. I just wanted to share the slide I worked so hard to put together. Enjoy!


Lionel Woods said...

Very nice slide show. Look at God!

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
thank you for sharing this. when you say we went to africa, who makes up the we? did your husband and daughters go as well? how long were you there? where did you stay? how was the weather? beside their native tongue, do they also speak english? what was the name of the group of people your group ministered to? who preached the gospel? please give more details about your trip. :o)

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Hey Angela,

The we in my statement was my mother (Julia Kollmyer pictured on the beginning slide in green and purple), Robert and LaTisha McCray, and Teresa Luster. Phil and the kids stayed home. We (Phil & I) started out only to help the group raise funds for their trip. Also to raise awareness among Black Christians the need to go out and spread the gospel beyond their church buildings four walls. So during that time the Lord just pressed upon my heart...why not me? So I asked my husband could I go. He reponded with YES! That was a surprise to me. Anyway as the Lord would have it...Phil continued to educate other believers on the need to spread the name of Jesus, and raise funds for our trip.

My mother went to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania two years before and preached at a womens conference for 5,000 women. She was asked to come back and bring a team with her. So we were the team. We efforted to bring all our gifts, talents, and resources to make this a full mission to edify the body of believers and evanglize along side of those there.

The weather was beautiful. It was October 2007 our fall and the end of their's alway summer but sometimes its rainy (season).

Most Tanzanians with education speak english as well. It is there second language. Their first is Swahili.

We ministered with several different groups. Two ministries from Dar Es Salaam and one from Shiyanga, and another in Kahama. As we gathered in the different places many people from different ministries and others gathered as well.

My mother preached along with another Bishop from Kenya. We ministered in dance and on the street in the market place and where ever there was opportunity. We had an interpreter with us. He was the greatest!

I feel like I posted another blog in response. If you have more questions let me know.

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Angela, the website we created is still up . You can get more information from there as well. It has not been updated in a very long time. All the details from the trip and prep plans are there.

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
thank you for taking the time to share more of your experience with me. i really enjoy learning about africa.

my daughter (4th grade) and i have been learning about kenya and found out they speak swahili there as they do in tanzania. (homeschooling is much more fun for me as a teacher because it's a refresher course in every subject and i always loved school):o)

i'm glad to know that the trip was successful in terms of souls coming to the Lord and you and your team returning safely back to the states.
may god continue to bless you and phil in your outreach work.

blessings in Christ,