Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me & Midwifery

A friend shared a vision of us becoming a midwifes. I had been very excited about beginning the journey to become a midwife...even if I had to do it alone. Anyway one of the test before I signed the dotted line and committed myself to school for midwifery training, was participating in a live birth. Now the last birth I saw was 1998 my god-daughter, and the last birth I had was 2002. So needless to say, it has been awhile. A dear sister in the Lord was planning a home birth with a midwife and I wanted to be apart of it. Remember this is my test. I had hoped the birth would be on a weekend and it was Saturday! Anyway it was amazing! It was a water birth, which I have never seen before. While observing the labor, it brought back the memories of when I gave birth. I understood and remembered the joy and of course the pain. Then I understood what husbands all over the world must feel when their spouse is in labor....HELPLESS! All you can do is give an encouraging word here and there, but that pain she had to bear all by herself.

Back to the whole midwife journey... I am purposing simply to watch to see if I could stomach the whole thing. Then the midwife put me to work! She was aware that I was interested in becoming a Midwife so immediately she had me doing stuff. Clean this, pick that up, watch this, she was full of wisdom and expertise. I learned so much...I have had three children and had no clue about some of the things I learned that day. For that I am very grateful.

I had been debating between becoming a doula or midwife. What is a doula? I know, I know! I did not understand at first either. Simply put the doula is the mother to the mother.

Doula: A non-medical assistant in childbirth. A doula is not the father but is usually a woman who is experienced in childbirth. The role of the doula is to provide the mother with physical and emotional assistance before, during, or after childbirth. Also known as a birth assistant, birth companion, childbirth assistant, or labor support professional. From the Greek doule referring to a woman who was a slave or servant.

The midwife is the "doctor" to the mother.

Midwife: A person trained to assist a woman during childbirth. Many midwives also provide prenatal care for pregnant women, birth education for women and their partners, and care for mothers and newborn babies after the birth. A midwife may be a man or a woman. Depending on local law, midwives may deliver babies in the mother's home, in a special birthing center or clinic, or in a hospital.

Most midwives specialize in normal, uncomplicated deliveries, referring women with health problems that could require hospitalization during birth to a hospital-based obstetrician. Others work with physicians as part of a team. Legal qualifications required to practice midwifery differ between the US states and various countries.

Okay so you have all the know the difference between a midwife and a doula. So at this point I am praying about the direction the Lord would lead me in. I am very open and simply longing for the Lord's will to be done in and through me.

Birth is an amazing process that all by itself brings GLORY to GOD! Take some time to think about it. The husband gives you a piece of himself then the wifes body nurtures and brings forth the husbands seed! AMAZING! God equipped us with everything we needed to bring forth life...anyway that is why I am interested in the whole process. However I am unsure which end (doula, midwife) to fully embrace. I'll keep you posted on this as I am more aware of the Lord's will for me.


Vicky said...

Hi Sista! Wow! I had no idea you were even interested in "midwifery"! CRAZY!!! I actually found your blog thru Steve O's blog.

Sorry I haven't returned your call but I appreciate you checking up on me. I am fine.

I LOVE the video of the woman singing thru her contractions...BEAUTIFUL. I would like to actually sing that song sometime. Do you happen to know the name of it and/or the artist who wrote it? Temple has a lovely, pure voice and it is awesome to hear her PRAISING THE KING thru her pain. PRAISE GOD!

Love you~

Nicolle Fletcher said...

I don't know who sings this song..but I love it. Phil thinks they wrote it themselves. It is scriptural...Psalms more than likely. The lady singing Temple...I don't know her. Phil thought is was a little weird that I posted her on my blog but her voice is beautiful and the song is amazing and it ministers to me as much as I am sure it did her that day.
I found it late one night searching for live births. I would go to school today if I could be certain all labors and births would be that peaceful!

It is great to hear from you Vicki...WELCOME BACK TO THE INTERNET AT HOME!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

CORRECTION the song is from Psalm 23.

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
4 of my 5 children were 'caught' by midwives. i prefer a midwife over a doctor any day. i like the freedom that comes with having different options (i guess i'm just not that good with restrictions, huh? ;) )
but really, i don't like the whole iv drip hook-up, or the contraction monitor on your belly, and being made to stay in the bed if you don't want to.
midwives allow you to labor and birth in the way most comfortable to you. i also breastfed all five of my children. :o)

i didn't have a mirror any of the times, and would loved to have seen one of my babies as they were crowning so whichever you decide to do, make sure you have a mirror handy so mommies can see their children coming out.

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

oh, i meant to tell you~
i really like the new fall look of your blog.

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Hey Angela...thanks for the compliment on the blog colors. I like to rearrange and chnage things often so my blog needs to reflect that. I wanted the huge entertainment center in my house...Phil bought it and now it is difficult (well NOT HAPPENING) to move my living room around. So I switch up the couches every now and then.

Anyway, I wanted a mirror during all three of my labors...but I had them in the hospital and forgot to tell them in advance. So I too missed out. I will remember the mirror.

BTW...I love the post you have up right not about the husband, wife and sandwich. Over the weekend i talked about that with several couples and all the husbands were saying I would never do that! It was fun conversation. Thanks for posting it.

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

yw, my sister but of course you know the issue wasn't the sandwich as saiko so adamantly likes to point out~but the wife's obedience.

truthbetold, when i first got married, many moons ago, i would say as far as submission goes~ i would have gotten an f! but throughout the years, i've "worked my way" up to a c+. i'll be at a b- before long. :o)

i can honestly say that my husband is not a hard task master, nor does he throw his weight around like an arrogant dictator~he really is easy to live with. our biggest battles came during our earlier years of marriage when we were still getting to know one another (we had a brief 6 month courtship, then married). now it's mostly smooth sailing (as long as he doesn't want ANOTHER electronic gadget, lol) truly, some men love their "toys".

finally, i know that we love each other more with each passing year and by God's grace, hope to grow old together.

Holly said...

This is so cool... did you know that's what I wanted to do? I think Sara may even be interested... I had no idea you were interested though. Noah was the best birthing experience of the bunch (you know I love all my kiddos)at home with a Christian CNM! I still remember her singing praise songs while I was in labor...

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Holly I did not know you were interested in midwifery or that you had your children at home. I got an email yeaterday from someone from Ft Irwin who said they were very close to asking you to deliever their baby. Now that would have been cool!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Mav, I get the whole submission thing pretty well. I think because my husband for the most part is easy to work with. I do remember for the first 1-2 years of our marriage everything was HORRIBLE! We had fights (not physical)...yelling matches and my husband has a voice that really the neighbors would call the police or I would take off walking down the street and he would follow me all while we are both yelling and screaming. So I also understand how the Lord will grow us in grace. The first time I was told to submit to my husband I flipped out. My thoughts were I am an educated black woman and there is no way that I will be somebody's door mat...and further more I don't think GOD would want that for any woman. And Now I am the submission advocate. Only because I understand a little more about God's purpose and plan for us as His children and how we are to work together. Marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride. Once the Lord stained that in my heart and mind things were lots better. I would grade myself a A-/B+. Think I get it but I still have room to grow.

Vicky said...


I found out that the song is called Psalm 23 and was originally done by Michael Olson on his Long Arm of Love albumn.

Still enjoying the youtube video over and over. I've got Farrell hooked on the song now too! :O)

Thanks for sharing it! I would have never known about it otherwise.

Holly said...


That would have been to cool!And I would have loved to (bit scary though). When I went to nursing school I loved L&D and really wanted to finish and be a CNM.

Noah is the only one born at home but I wish the others would have been.. the experience was so totally different and Tim was so much more of a help...of course it still hurt (labor's labor!) but it was great...I always have to chuckle when people say "You can't have babies in quarters"... wanna bet???!!!

homemakerchronicles said...

Don't give up on me Nicolle. It'll happen someday- you as doula and me as midwife. How about that??
You'd make a wonderful doula to so many first time moms! You're perfect for the job.
Love the post!