Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teaching and Training My Girls

I have begun a character study of women in the scripture with my girls. My daughters are 6 and 7 years old. If you meet them you might suggest their ages to be more like 25 for the 7 year old and 32 for the 6 year old. Anyway, we have studied Eve, Hagar, and Sarah. We read scripture about these women usually on Sunday nights...our gender segregated discipleship time. Two weeks ago we reviewed these ladies. The purpose was and is to see these women of faith and learn from them. I believe I learned as much if not more than the girls during our review.

"What do we remember about Eve?" I asked. "I can tell you about Adam!" Najee' exclaims. "He did not protect his wife from the serpent. He just sat there and watched his wife in sin and did nothing." From this comment it is clear that this is my child."Okay, good Najee'. But what can you as girls who will become women learn from Eve?" I said. "We need to do what God says." she replied. With that we all agreed. "What else can we learn Nichelle?" Her response was, "We can walk away from the devil, when he tells us to sin."

Okay now what about Sarah? I said. Their thoughts were as follows...."She laughed at the Lord when he told her she was going to have child. Then it got a little stirred in the room because the girls remembered Hagar. Nichelle had been stuck on this for some time now..."Why would she give her husband to that woman? Yeah and then she went all crazy and got mad at him for doing what she said. Then she kicked her out and was mean to her. What was all that about?" Najee stated, "Because she didn't believe God was going to do what He said because it is hard for old people to have babies. It would really hurt! Especially if you are old. She just needed to believe the Lord and listen to what He said, not what she felt or what things looked like." All of that came from their mouths... which again is amazing but to be expected if you know my girls...well my son too.

Anyway from that I took away that we need to believe God at His word. At times it seems a little more difficult today because we don't frequently hear or see angels or the Lord Himself come to give us a specific message. However He does give His word that has an answer for everything. We simply need to look. So this is a simple reminder of our need to trust and depend on the Lord in everything.

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angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
just checking in on ya! i started listening to the mark driscoll video but i haven't finished. when i get the chance i will view the rest.

i have 2 daughters myself, ages 5 and 9 and my 9 year old is absolutely fascinated with Jesus' miracles. they both also "can't wait to see Jesus". i told them they would have to die in order for that to happen. uh, they changed their minds after that. lol

discipling my daughters is one of the greatest opportunities as a mom. by the grace of God i'm going to keep training them and exemplifying a godly woman before them. i didn't have a godly mother but i always wished i had. nevertheless, the Lord gave me other women in the Lord to fill in the gap, some of whom i still talk to today.

well, girl, gotta run.
blessings & peace 2 u