Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was in prayer with a dear sister of mine and in her prayer she made a statement that captured my attention. She said...I am parphasing "it is better for no one to lead, than for me to lead above my husband." That was a very loose parphase, but it grabbed hold to my heart. Women in general have a way of making things happen. We will ensure that everything is done and taken care of no matter what! The kids will have what they need, there will be food to eat, we will use apple cider vinegar to clean the counter if we can't afford Pine Sol, we will bark orders to everyone in the house (including our husband). All in the name of service and managing our home well. What she said that day made me think. If there is an area that my husband or your husband has not stepped to the plate do you then assume to step up or are we called to leave that place void, therefore revealing the need for his leadership?

What are your thoughts????


Autumn said...

Good Question, girl... I think how and when someone responds in those situations has a LOT to do with individual personality. (I'm not saying that people's choices are correct. Personality just "explains" it.) I, unfortunately, am a "step up to the plate" kind of gal. Never really stop to question it. Your post really makes me think and wonder... hmm... is "stepping up" always right? Then, when you add in that whole "deployment" issue to the mix... it gets even more confusing. I'll be checking back to see what other ladies say... Take care!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Deployment is when we must step to the plate. We are our husbands help, during deployments they need to know there home will run and function well under your direction. I think my post was more directed to when everyone is home and life is flowing as usual and there is a need for the husband to clearly lead and he is not. Do we step to the plate...or leave room for him to?

BTW I love your picture! Also, your post with the pictures of "the boy" have inspired me to put some pictures of Nicollus in his football uniform. They call him Nick the Hit Man! Football season was great!