Sunday, November 15, 2009


1. How do you and your husband work together?
2. What is your conflict resolution method?
3. What does submission look like in your home?
4. What are things that you as the wife do and what are the things that you as the husband do?
5. Who leads family bible study? Do you have family bible study?
6. If you are going on a long trip who drives and why?

Here are my answers...
1. I am the social network lady (as my husbands says..."the social butterfly" while he is the overall most areas. You could say I am the Captain and he is the Commander.

2. We talk things out almost to the death! Of course after we internalized our own position. I think we try to not speak out of pure fiery anger.

3. We make decisions together however God has given my husband the authority to make final decisions and I submit to that. We don't function like barbaric cave people, "YOU Woman, Get Food!" as some would suppose submission to mean. My husband loves me and seeks to honor God with the gift (me) that he has been given. In fact my role in submission is pretty easy because God called him to be a sacrificial servant leader. Really, who wouldn't want to submit to that type of leadership.!?!

4.I do most of the interaction with people and lots and lots of administration stuff. Phil works, helps around the house, pays the bills and he gives our family its style, tone and direction.

5. Phil normally leads family bible study. I will lead if it is just the kids and I but if the whole family is together usually Phil leads.

6.Phil drives on a long trip almost 100% of the time. Why??? because I will go to sleep in the car usually after 5 minutes on the freeway. Remember we are talking about long distance trips. If figure if I go to sleep we will get there faster and avoid arguing about his driving technique. It is a win win. He listens to sermons and delights in the Lord!

What is your marriage like?

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