Friday, January 23, 2009



Homemaker Moments DAY!

It is odd but this week I have not felt wise or homemakery (might not be a word). I would imagine there was something said or done to build up my home...but nothing that just pops out at me. So i will attempt to share with you a few things that i hope you will find encouraging and homemaker ish!

I will follow Angie's lead and share a story about my son. Yesterday was a normal day but when I make dinner if my kids don't have a specific task they will crowd me in the kitchen and sneak samples of the food I'm cooking...they learned that horrible behavior from their DADDY! Anyway the girls were working as a team on homework so they could finish playing dolls (that were all over the living room floor) and Nicollus was just hanging. So I thought what a wonderful time to have him join me in making dinner. We made a awesome salad with all kinds of vegetables. He would cut a few things and I would cut something else. He really enjoyed making dinner and it was simple. Some cut up chicken with lettuce, veggies and of course strawberries with balsamic vinegar GREAT! Dinner was wonderful and all the compliments when to Nicollus and I. We were a great team.

Okay I can remember one more thing. We are striving to make our home fragranced with a sweet aroma of praise and worship unto God. What that means is we take every opportunity to speak of Christ and how in our everyday lives we see the work of GOD!

Okay so Tuesday night Phil said let just do some singing tonight with the kids. He asked me to find a scripture to read and so I did.

Well during singing time, it was awesome our kids were singing with joy and excitement, but here is the funny part. One of the kids were snuggled under my arm but the other two were hanging upside down, clapping, jumping it looked like a circus. They were casually enjoying the singing to the Lord. I took great delight in that. We have taught our children to be free and express their hearts to the Living God! So that was awesome.

So that was my couple of homemakers moments this week!


homemakerchronicles said...

I can just picture you guys loving life in your living room. How fun!!
Thanks for participating-

Kristin Hathaway said...


And Eric and I have a rule...if you're a writer, you are allowed to make up words. You're a writer, therefore "homemakery" is now a word. I am going to start using it. :)