Saturday, January 3, 2009


While visiting my in laws, Phil and I stumbled across a television program. Older Black women were discussing sex, STD's, and purity with pre-teens and teens. One of the young teens asked a very thought provoking question. She said, " What do you say to a girl who has already been sexually active and feels like what is the point in stopping? She can't start over again." In traditional television style, they went to commercial break.

Then Phil asked me, "What would I say?". At first I was stumped. Then I remembered my own life. I was raped at 12, then sexually active with two different people over the course of three years. The answer was the reason I stopped. CHRIST REDEMPTIVE POWER! Christ redeemed me and set me free from the bondage of sin. So He can do likewise in the life of any person. I remember referring to myself as the born again virgin. The gripping power of sin is NO MATCH for the REDEMPTIVE BLOOD OF THE LAMB! I would say that in eternity past God knew their condition and was willing that Christ would step into human history and be crushed of the Father that all whom He would call would be redeemed. Sins of the past are just that...past, behold all things are made new. In Christ you are new! As a result my theme for this year is redemption. God has, does, and will redeem His children.

Take comfort in these verses: Isaiah 44:21-24 and Galatians 3:13-14. I would post the actual verses but I rather encourage you to seek them yourself. Let the Lord minister to your heart about how He is shown as REDEEMER!

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These Three Kings said...


I love JESUS!! Thank you so much for such a timely word! I am thankful as well for HIS redemptive work in my life as well as for knowing JESUS as a restorer..He comes to restore all those things that we have been abused from (me molestation) as well as from our sins.. I love the promise he leaves us in Joel 2:18-27

I would love for you to email me personally about your ministry.. I dont know how I could be of some encouragement.. I have no idea what we are doing out here in the hood...but I take comfort that CHRIST I just try to rely on HIM for strength and wisdom!
I look forward to reading more encouraging post from you!