Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I ask that question based on the last post "His Word is Manna". A diet is basically an eating regime. Whether you are conscience of your diet or not, you are on a diet. It is simply the way you eat. So, I ask how is your diet? I also encourage you to ask me how is mine!

Lets dig deeper! I mentioned that this diet was based on the "His Word is Manna" post. The diet I am speaking of is our intake of God's Word a spiritual diet. For the most part Americans will find time to eat. We eat on the go, we gather in homes to eat, we invite people over to eat, we meet at restaurants to eat, we go to parks to eat, we hang out and eat....we eat eat eat eat eat! HUMMMMMMMM, let's compare our natural diet with our spiritual diet. Can anyone say OUCH!

How can we intake more of what we actually need? We need Christ! We need His word to refresh our souls! We need to understand His grace and mercy! We need to love Him! We need to worship Him! But like the children of Israel we find ourselves searching for more and more manna and then complain that we are tired of it. If you are tired of manna then seek the LORD! Even if manna is enough in your mind, seek the Lord because at the end of the day manna is but a shadow of what is most needed in our lives!

If you need to change your spiritual diet...NOW IS THE TIME! Fill yourself with His word. Try a breakfast of Psalms, a snack of Genesis, a Lunch of Ephesians, a snack of Proverbs, a dinner of Romans, and a final snack of Psalms. You know it is good for your metabolism to eat every two to three hours! Keep that in mind as you think about changing your spiritual diet!

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