Monday, January 5, 2009

Redemption Story

The Lord is really showing me how He redeems! So this is another of those post that if you read you must respond! I simply seek to be encouraged and bring Glory to Christ by reading your story.

What story in scripture (OT &/or NT) speaks loudest to you about the redemptive work of Christ?

How are you amazed by God's plan of redemption for you?

How are you walking in this redemption and sharing or showing Christ to others?

Excited to hear from you! Share your story that Christ may be Glorified!


homemakerchronicles said...

I've been on a Jacob and Essau kick lately...the kids and I have been studying that story. To me this is a wonderful redemptive story.
Jacob chose deception and greed. Then he lied repetedly and stole from his brother. But God blessed him.
While he was at Laban's house God multiplied Jacob's herds and flocks. Only when Jacob returned to his homeland did he give God the glory and call God his God!
Plus, Essau welcomed him and loved him.
From there on out Jacob lived a blessed life in God. Not only was he redemed in heaven for when he died, but God blessed him HERE, in his earthly life, too.
What a great God to do that for a man who was so sinful...and for us!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Thanks for that Angie! You can truly see that the Lord's reach extends deep!

Holly said...


Will post soon.

Love ya!

These Three Kings said...

I love this post.... For me I would have to say in both the old and new testament my favorite redemption stories would have to be those of the notorious women in Jesus family....both Ruth and Rahab (matt. 1:5) Tamar ( matt 1:3; Gen 38)..Bathsheba-whom David stole from Uriah, gets mentioned (Matt 1:16).

I love the example of how Jesus does not hide those events in HIs family and life that we would try to hide from others...This is a HUGE encouragement to me on how the LORD really does love to redeem came to make all things new... now when I am sitting on my porch watching the drug addicts or prostitutes go by I have such a changed perspective in how I see them...We really do serve a GOD who loves to make foreigners his children and reconcile his enemies.... HIS GRACE extends to all peoples!!!

“What God has made clean, do not call common” (Acts 10:15).

Here is a link to a smaller version of my redemption story :

Praise GOD for mercy!!

Holly said...

Hi Nicolle,

Ok so one of my favorite redemption stories is Sarah. Sure she was a godly woman for the most part but I love how God worked in her life... she lied, laughed at God (can you blame her if you're honest?),struggled with beleiving him, gave in to the culture around her (Hagar) because she wanted something so badly and most likely felt forgotten by God (Do you hear me? See me?), had a smackdown drag out fight with the same woman she gave her husband (can you say reality set in and guilt?) when he wouldn't do the right thing, is a scary reminder of what happens when we take matters into our own hands (hmmm Tim's in Iraq for the third time because???) etc... she seems so real to me in our (ok my) struggles in this day and age. Yet inspite of all THAT she's in the Faith chapter (Heb 11) and is listed as a mighty woman of God.

Gives me hope that in spite or maybe because of, my failures and shortcomings the Lord really does look on our heart and sees what the world can not. Our faithfulness to him through it all matters. Hope that someday I too will be counted with her.