Monday, January 5, 2009


I was stirred to write this post after reading see the unseen (Cary's blog) about the idols in Nepal. He is a dear brother in Christ to both my husband and I, currently on a mission trip in Nepal. He is blogging to keep those at home posted on the current activity. Check out his blog if you can. Anyway after only reading his title...So Many Idols, I instantly thought of how easy it is to see idols in the culture of another and not so easy to see idolatry in our own. America America God shed His grace on thee...while I worship everything but You!

After reading his post I like Cary and the others there would have thought man if only they could see Christ and that He is enough! Praying that they would not continue to suppress the truth and exchange the Glory of the Creator for the created things.

I take this time to write a letter to encourage believers to examine our practice of worship. We were created to worship so it is easy for us to worship but not easy to see what we are worshipping. We must be deliberate in our worship. I heard it said best by a brother of mine..."worship is doing what you were created to do". That stood out to me because of its truth. For instance if I created a remote control car to flip on its top and back again, then drive away. All who saw that would be amazed and wonder who made that. When I say I did people will praise me for my wonderful creation. So it is with God. He is worshipped as Creator when creation does what He designed it to do. Another instance, when a husbands loves his wife and is willing to die for her. God is worshipped! When a wife is a help to her husband God is worshipped! So friend I say all that to say worship is not a song. Or more specifically a slow song and praise a fast song. It is simply the way we live. Our everyday life should be worship...why because we are doing what we were created to do. Thought of the day!

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