Friday, February 12, 2010

Being his Crown

Last week there was homework!  Make a comment on this site or on BlogFrog to share insight from the homework assignment!  Today's Being his Crown (FHM) will be hosted at homemaker chronicles. Click here to read what is on Angie's mind.  Don't forget to join in on the discussion at Blog Frog


These Three Kings said...

I must confess, I forgot. I am doing it right now and will post later today. Thanks for spuring us on girls!!

Nicolle said...

Phil and I had a great time answering these questions. As many of the other ladies I did have insight to the majority of his answers. However, the one that was funny was the favorite outfit being my birthday suit! You mean to tell me my fabulous closet of clothes means nothing to you! LOL He totally cracked me up because he also said if I don't put that answer out then my public respect was not very good. This man cracks me up.

Nicolle said...

Hey Ladies! There is a strange silence about this topic and homework assignment. Are the questions too personal, too? What's the word?