Monday, May 24, 2010

Ministry Monday! Your Family is your FIRST ministry!

This Ministry Monday is very interesting.  There are a lot of AWESOME events on the horizon. I will share them all with you.  But first I have to talk about my most important ministry.  That is my husband and children.  Some of you may have read my "being his crown" post or even the "wednesday in the word" post last week.  Both of those post at the very heart of them were about my family.  So, I thought I give an update on that.  We are doing well!  My husband is all over it in every way.  For that I am thankful.  My kids are being redirected and I am blessed at what I see in them.  The evidence of grace is all our lives is abundant!  It is my heart that we truly keep a healthy balance between ministry inside and outside the home.  Our lives are a witness of Christ all the time everyday, not just my family but yours too.  It is neccessary that our first disciples (children) not be neglected while making disciples of others.  I think we should all be doing both.  Making disciples of our children and others.  This is just a reminder to me that I must wash my children in the word as we go about each and everyday.  We must seek out teachable moments with our children "by the way, as we go about our day."  The same thing goes for making disciples of others.  As we are in the marketplace (Kroger), the mall, at the library....make disciples.  You don't have to go overseas to make disciples.  You can and should start in your home and then with the neighbor etc. etc.  This is a warning to all (myself included).  Don't neglect your family to reach the neighbor across the seas.  That is actually failure and speaks ill of the gospel.  I am not indicating that your family should be perfect before doing anything outside.  I am however pointing out our need to look deeper into the needs of the disciples that God has automatically given us.  For the husband, you have automatic disciples...wife and children.  For the have automatic disciples...children and holding the husband accountable.  You are his accountablity partner in all things.  Then from there we make disciples of all men (peoples).  

So, I just wanted to give an update on our purposeful, clear direction within our family as we serve first one another, then the many men and women that God places in our path.  

Okay , so now what is happening with the City of Hope Outreach?

1. Continuing to build relationships in and around this city!
2. June 19, 2010 is the next God, Gospel and Poverty Seminar  this is an awesome way to learn about the needs of the poor in your city and how to be a blessing and not another welfare agency.
3. June 21-25, 2010 we are partnered the United Way to help with there Day of Action.  We will assist with and have created service project around the city of Conway for men and women to volunteer with.  We will have people all over downtown Conway holding signs with stats about poverty in our city.  We are super excited about this.
4. I am heading up a group of ladies to attend the True Woman's Conference in Fort Worth Texas in October.  We still have openings so if you would like to come along with us, contact me.  This is an invitation to all women.
5. Community Lunch This Sunday in Oakwood.  Those are always fun to be apart of.  We will gather for worship as usual at 1:00pm and then break bread during the message for an awesome time of biblical fellowship.  Come and join us if you can.
6. King's Club will be meeting twice per week (tues. and thurs.)  beginning in June until early August.  
7. We have CoHO vehicle stickers for sale.  They are $5 each. They look just like the picture at the top of this blog post.  They are all white and super cool.  

If you are interested in participating in any of these activities and need more detail please leave a comment or email me directly at 




These Three Kings said...

Amen!! praying for you guys!
So excited you are going to The TRue Woman Conference! It is amazing!!!! I have an extra ticket I am selling for $65 dollars if anyone wants it. I purchased it for a neighbor who didnt come. :( Revive Our Hearts gave me the Go in giving it away. Just email me if you ever need it.

Nicolle said...

Thanks Nicolle. I will be in contact with you if we need it! Please continue to pray. Love you and miss discussing with you.

Nicolle said...

Oh, sorry Nicole I spelled your name like mine.