Friday, May 14, 2010

FHM Being His Crown....Blast from the Past How did you Compare?

Last week Angie posted a chart to score how a woman in 2010 compared to a woman in 1930's.  So, how many of you asked your husband to score you?  Well, I did!  It was super fun and very eye opening!  My raw score was 9 which makes me an official failure as a wife in the 1930's.  Praise the Lord that His ordains the seasons and times in which we live.  Phil's comment after taking the test was, "I am going to divorce my wife according to Jewish Law and find another one because she will NOT allow me to sleep late on Sunday!"  Please that was a joke.  :)

Here is the old chart.

Let's make our own chart for 2010!

What should the standard be?  What should you get a merit or a demerit for?  This a list that my husband and I came up with.  Test yourself in the same manner as the old chart subtracting the demertis from the merits.  If it has a (D) next to it, well that is a demerit.  If it has a (M) next to it, it is a merit.  Every question is worth 1 point unless otherwise noted with a number in ( ). Then it subtract the merits from th demerits and get your raw score.  Use the original chart interpretations of your scores.  Have fun!  I will share with you my 2010 woman interpretations at the end.

1. Slow to eagerly participate in sex (D)(5)

2. Able to watch and understand sports without questions (M)

3. Able to make food from scratch (M)

4. Calls her mother or father to complain about husband (D)

5. Wears granny panties because they are comfortable (D)

6. Talks to people on Face book more than you (D)(5)

7. Can be found texting or on the computer longer than tending to the family (D)

8. Has a higher paying job than you (D)

9. Seeks to be like Mother Eve, and dominates her husband (D)(5)

10. Female friends over your house all the time(D)

11. Able to redesign the house on a budget(M)

12. Leaves notes about how wonderful you are(M)

13. Actually makes dinner for the family (M)

14. Is welcoming to guest (M)

15. Always seeking “ME TIME” (D)(5)

16. Keeps the cabinets filled with food you enjoy (M)

17. Is a great entertainer(M)

18. Creates a home atmosphere that is pleasant to come home to (M) (10)

19. Has other women that she faithfully disciples(M)

20. Has a special talent or gift that is complementary to yours.(M) (5)

21. Drops the kids off to school in pajamas(D)

22. Thinks of creative things to do with family (M)

23. Is rude, loud and opinionated about everything (D)

24.  Hides while changing clothes (D)
I took my own test and failed again! This time however I scored a 15 I am moving up the charts.  I did discover that the test is designed to make you fail.  You can only score a maximum of 25 points and that leaves you as a poor housewife to say the least.  So ladies don't be discouraged you are still "being his Crown".  I hope you enjoyed this little experiment.


Vicky said...

Okay, Nicolle. So I actually did copy and past the original chart in an email that I sent to Eric for his consideration. His response? He said, "Have you looked at this?! Have you really read it? How in world am I supposed to apply some of this stuff to you?!" So he took to the easy road out and said, "I'd give you a 76 or higher, Honey!" HA! Love you 2010 list. Pretty funny stuff on there (Drops kids off at school in her PJs...classic)! :O)

Nicolle said...

Vicky, I asked that question because I really wanted to know if I was the only one! HAHA Actually I know I'm not because I see momma's in their pj's all the time. Most don't even attempt to put a comb or brush to the hair either. HAHA!