Friday, May 21, 2010

FHM Being His Crown "Blessed to be His Crown"

This FHM “Being His Crown” is all about the blessing of being his crown. We have talked over and over about how important it is that we embrace the true beauty and blessing we are to our husbands. Today I am compelled to share how I am blessed to be the crown worn by my husband. You might call this a bragging session but you shouldn’t! You should call this true rejoicing in the Lord for His provision and wonderful grace displayed in my husband, which should in turn cause you to look at the wonderful blessing your husband is to you. Really consider the fact that your husband could be married to any woman in the world but you are the chosen one! Take a moment to recall that girlfriend of yours who told you about a problem she was experiencing in her marriage. The first thought in your head was, “Oh my…I am thankful not to be married to that man!” The truth is we all have struggles but not every woman is equipped to deal with every struggle. So the struggles you experience in your marriage will be specific to what the Lord is working out in your life. (Okay so I obviously went off on a tangent somewhere. We are back on track now).

Wednesday I experienced one of the worst parenting days of my life. I am aware that it won’t be the last. Anyway, my husband and I rotate morning wake up with the kids. Wednesday was my morning. The kids were in a crazy place and had been for sometime. They seem to have crazy attitudes and all kinds of other issues right now. Needless to say there was a whole lot of chaos that morning. My husband called me into the bedroom and asked me what was wrong. So, I just poured my heart out. I explained to him how the kids are rude to one another, disrespectful and on and on. I went on to say I was diligently searching for what the scripture has to say about respect and authority. I told him that I was worried that they are learning all their ugly behavior from me. I blame myself for their attitudes and whatever else was wrong. He then said, “I will take care of it. We will meet tonight at dinner and address this problem.” He comforted and reassured me that I was not to blame for their behavior. After that I just wept on his chest for about twenty minutes. The kids were still around talking and asking questions, commanding attention etc. My King put an end to all of it! We got the school children off to school and the homeschooled child on to schooling.

Then one of the most amazing things took place. My husband and I made love in such a way that brought healing to my soul. Okay, I do realize I am writing this is on my very public blog, but the Song of Solomon is also very public scripture! Back to the moment, as our bodies intertwined so did our hearts. God used my husband as a protector, provider, prophet, healer, lover and king. My tears were swallowed by his strength. Phil heard and responded to the depths of my pain. Understand that this was not done in his strength. He was able to love and bring healing because of what Christ has done for him. He was in tune with my need by God’s grace.

That evening we sat at the dinner table ate about 3/4th of the meal and then my husband began to speak. He explained that there was going to be a new order in our house. He also took full responsibility for the problem of harsh tone in our house. He explained where it began and how it will end. Christ is our focus and we love because he loved. The hammer was laid down and it was awesome. But he did not leave us with a hammer alone. He then explained how we need to speak to one another in light of the gospel. We need to look for the evidences of grace in the lives of our family members. He spoke as a prophet and protector which brought healing to our whole family. He even purchase a mini, mini container of ice cream for every family member. He explained how Jesus often spoke to the disciples around a meal. Therefore we get to partake of this correction and redirection with joy. That night got to share how we see God working in each of our lives. Before we even think of giving correction we need to see evidence of God’s grace in the life of the other individual. It was clear that he had taken in what I said and then sought Christ for clear direction and just laid it out in the most loving and direct way possible.

I am a very blessed woman! I am privileged to be worn on the head of this man. I love the way he loves me, attends to me, directs me in light of scripture, seeks the Father, looks well to the ways of his household and totally and completely has my back. Translation he would be willing to give of his very life for me. That is the kind of man I have. I am worn on his head in this life forever! Praise the Living God for His gift of love towards me through my husband.

What do you have to share about the man who wears you on his head? You don’t have to share a super long story like I did or you can. I would love to hear how blessed you are to be worn by your man!

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homemakerchronicles said...

Amazing story Nicolle! Your man is one of a kind!! My man is too and I am proud to be his crown as well. He portrays the fruit of the spirit each and every day, being long suffering, full of love, bringing about peace, faithfulness, and most recently self-control.
He has identified a specific sin in his life that was against both God and I and, with the strength of his Father, he has overcome! It has not been without difficulty that he has abstained from this particular sin. It certainly has not been without failing or without me being discouraging, but he has endured and pushed through to victory.
We went through a 9 month abstinence period. How many men do you know that would wait 9 months to have sex with their wife and remain faithful in every way? Mind did and was happy to in order for my emotional healing to come. What a man!
I love the picture that we have completed by being married- two becoming one flesh. It's so right and so beautiful. I love talking to my children about how great marriage is when you love and respect your spouse. I love being married, but not to just anyone in the world. I am married to Todd!