Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's Homemaker Moments

In lieu of our regular discussion about how we are currently being our husband’s crown, this week I would like to take a look back to a former era for a little comparing. I think we’re all aware, on some level, of the changes that have come about in women’s roles here in the U.S. and I found this great little checklist on line that will solidify our predictions. This “Woman’s Chart” was unearthed by some psychologists and is an actual document used by marriage counselors in the late 1930’s. To me it really speaks volumes about how different the role of a house wife really is today.

Now I realize that not everyone is a housewife, but I would love to see what all of our husbands have to say about our performances. So the assignment this week is to give your husband the “Wife’s Chart” and see how you measure up! You can post your scores in the comments or point out a specific area that you find interesting/ridiculous/unattainable.

Next week we’ll be discussing more about the differences between the 1930’s wife and the 2010 wife. I mean, I think I’m pretty much June Cleaver reincarnate, but it never hurts to take a good hard look at reality. Know what I mean?

Homemaker Chronicles

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