Friday, March 5, 2010

Being His Crown

It's Friday and we are happy about it!  Today's FHM Being His Crown is really a review.  We have covered a lot of topics and I don't want us to miss the opportunity to dig deep and understand our husbands and ourselves.  Angie and I are really wanting to know if these post are helping, encouraging and or challenging you ladies.  We are certainly being stretched everytime we post something because we either have to be practicing these truths or learning how to apply them along with you.  Any way just leave a comment letting us know you are reading even if you are not consistently posting.  Thanks we need encouragement too!  :)

Let's Review.....
The heart of this ministry comes from Proverbs 12:4a "An excellent wife is the crown of her husband" and Proverbs 31:29 "Many have done excellently but you surpass them all". This whole effort is to help women embrace their identity in Christ and specifically concerning your husband.

Ask your husband these 10 questions. Be your husbands crown not comparing yourself to other women.
1. What type of support do you need from me? Example does he need you to compliment, build his esteem, speak out more often, or brutal honestly.
2. What small or big thing could you do to make his day?
3. How often does he really want to have sex? You have to ask this question. I know most of you think his answer will be everyday all the time. However you many be surprised at the real answer.
4. How does he feel about the food you cook? It is too healthy for him, not healthy enough, is there something he would like to have every now and then?
5. Is the house clean enough? Does it matter to him if there are dishes in the sink overnight?
6. How about your appearance? Would he like you to wear makeup, high heels, flats, more or less jewelry?
7. Does he feel like you respect him, in public and private.
8. Does he feel like you trust him?
9. What is his favorite outfit of yours?
10. Does he need you to be more or less open and vulnerable?

The Flawed Crown....
How are we working through the flaws in our lives as we are "BEing his Crown"?

The Physical Crown....
Your image of you. Physically. How does that affect your relationship with your husband?

You can click on the title of any of the previous post to review the full story.  If you remember the post and just have not had an opportunity to respond now is the time sister!  We desire to grow in our relationship with our husbands and in Christ, your words may be what someone else needs to encourage them along their journey.  Let us know you are there by leaving a comment and encouraging another sister along the way! 


homemakerchronicles said...

I'll start! I have really learned to lean on my husband a lot lately. Before, I would try to overdo everything so that he could have a break, but in essence what I was doing was trying to be the leader of our household. After asking the assigned questions and pondering things in my heart and paying close attention to my actions I realized this.
I had to be honest with myself and ask, "why am I doing all these thing myself?". The answer was almost always, "I don't trust todd to do it". I realize that I need to trust him and put my confidence in him as my leader rather than trying to take over every blasted thing. (I'm talking about physical things here...not necessarily my own spiritual walk- although Todd does play a part in that too!)
It's been freeing and also scary to put action to those thoughts, but I know it's what God wants for me as a wife and as a crown to my husband!
Make sense?

These Three Kings said...

This series have def. encouraged and convicted me. I have so much to write I dont have time to post. lol
I am learnig through my husband how prideful I can be at times as well as how I dont at times understand Gods Grace over my life. I am learning to listen to him more and not feel like I have to always say something, but be a silent missionary in my home. I come from a very strong line of women who preached you dont need a man, so trying to wrok through all of that is a BEASST!!! This series is helping me prepare my heart for the TRUE WOMAN conference that is coming up the end of this month on biblical womanhood and I am sooo excited!! I desire to live in a way that brings God glory and joy to my husband. My image has effect pretty much all of my marriage and I am working with Who I AM IN CHRIST and learning how to trust my husband when he says He loves the way I look. (Lord have mercy this was always hard for me) Anyway, I say all this to say, GODs faithfulness towards me has been amazing, as I am fasting and praying through a lot of my issues God is showing himself strong in so many ways! Thanks sisters!

Anonymous said...

Totally forgot to ever tell you that we did the assignment and loved it!! Thank you ladies for encouraging and challenging us all!!

Amy said...

Still here, you guys are being very helpful! Keep it up!