Monday, March 8, 2010


Ministry Monday's, Titus Twosday's, Women in the Word Wednesday's and Friday Homemaker Moments are on a break from my blog site until Monday March 29, 2010!  Thanks for reading and follow what is going on in my head, and heart.  I need a break and I will return with great joy and excitement!  Love Ya....

Ministry Updates can still be found on the website
Titus Twosday can take place by reading Titus Chapter 2 every Tuesday. :)
Women in the Word Wednesday is also still available...just dig in ladies. I plan to.  :)
Being His Crown will continue on Angie's Site


Vicky said...

Thanks for all of the encouraging things you share on your blog, Nicolle. Enjoy your pause!

These Three Kings said...

Looking forward to hearing from you at the end of the month!