Monday, March 1, 2010

Ministry Monday

This week’s ministry was a little different then it usually is. I'll start with this...Nichelle wasn't feeling well Sunday morning. We all thought she would get over it because her being the youngest, she tends to have a little lot of drama when it comes to sickness or injury. It is guaranteed that Nichelle will have some sort of accident everyday and play it to the extreme. So we thought today was just another one of those days that began really early with the pain. However, as 12:45pm rolled around Nichelle is still not up to speed. So we are facing the reality that we (Nichelle and I) are not going to worship with the body as a whole this afternoon. My ministry would consist of cleaning vomit from my cell phone, couch, carpet, rug, pillows and Nichelle's clothing. Not the kind of ministry I look forward to but none the less it was for me to do today.

Nichelle wrote me this fabulous letter after she was able to release what was upsetting her tummy. I am writing what she wrote exactly as I received it.

I'm sorry I got thro up on your cell phone
and the couch
and the floor
and the carpit
and on the
I don't think there was anything els that I thro up on
I'm sorry for it all!

What a sweet girl! I loved getting that letter and then being able to say, "That is fine and you don't have to worry about what you threw up on. I love you." I hugged her and she rested on me. It was great! That was my ministry yesterday.

Within that ministry I learned that I don't have to do everything. If I am not at the worship gathering other people will still come. If I am not there Christ is! My presence doesn't make or break anything that God has planned. So thank you Lord for the straight up reality check!

Saturday we did King's Club and that was really fun. Phil uploaded pictures on Face book. The kids really like it and getting used to us coming on Saturday's just for them.

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These Three Kings said...

What a precious story! I will be praying for your kiddies!
SO sorry they are your perspective from above this post..