Friday, April 23, 2010

Being His Crown FHM

Today let's take it back to the beginning back to basics.  I want to talk about being his crown in physical form.  I know we have gone over this in times past but I certainly think it is worth reviewing.  Let's talk about Adam and Eve!  In Genesis 2:22-25 Adam is put to sleep and this creature appears before him.  The vision of her causes Adam to burst into song.  I could imagine him saying FINALLY look at this....WO   MAN!  Then in verse 25 the scripture highlights that they were naked and unashamed.  I am going to take that information and go from there.

PHYSICAL FORM.....Naked and Unashamed!

Do we have shame in our nakedness before our spouse?  Please know I realize this was the state of man and woman before the fall.  I do however believe we can be naked and unashamed with our husband today because of the redemptive work of Christ.  I have often wondered what Eve's physical form looked like.  Maybe that is the body I should seek after.  Then, truth hits me hard.  Eve was Adam's mark of all things beautiful.  We have become that same mark of excellent beauty for our own husband.  This is a message to not short change yourself or your husband by being shameful or timid because you don't like your look.  I have now come to believe that magazines, books and images in general are not only concerns for men (who are visually simulated), but us too!  We look at these things and instantly compare.  We compare ourselves to images that are sometimes not real.  We now know there is great technology that will allow a woman to be sculpted in a photograph to look totally different than she does in reality.  Now, let's remove the excuse of airbrushing technology.  Say a woman looks fabulous in every physical way.  What does that have to do with you and your husband?  Nothing!  It doesn't matter what other women look like! The physical form of another should not be your standard of beauty.  As we do this "dance" of comparison we deny our husbands the crown they long for in us.  I would even say the issue of comparison is as big a problem as porn.  Why, because it distorts reality.  The reality is you may have booty do (where your belly sticks out further than your booty do), flabby arms, saggy bottom, huge calves, skinny legs, moles, freckles, crazy hair, hair in your chin and on and on.  Friend I want to encourage you as I have to for myself!  YOUR PHYSICAL FORM IS PERFECT FOR YOUR HUSBAND AS IS!  

We are ashamed because of the sin of comparison and dissatisfaction. The bible would call that coveting, murmuring, complaining and discontentment!  Ladies lets seek to be FREE! 

I won't pretend that some of us could be healthier.  Yes, if you feel unhealthy then do something about it.  But don't make everyone around you suffer because you are unhealthy and are not doing anything about it.  If you are the woman that is seeking and actively working on being healthier, great! Take it one day at a time and embrace the physical form you have now as you make the transition to a healthier you!

To the woman who says it is not me but my husband who is not satisfied:
Whether your husband fully understands this truth or not, it is none the less the truth.  If your husband is asking you to gain/lose weight, gain/lose breast, gain/lose butt, gain/lose muscle or whatever, your goal should be to pray that the Lord would help your husband to see the pure beauty (physical form and character) that you are.  Pray that God would cause his eyes only to be for you in every way. In the mean time give yourself unashamed before him.  That will change things in this area for both of you.

1. Stand naked before your husband three times this week!
2. Let him see you change your clothes.
3. Pray for his heart to seek you as his standard of beauty and none other.  
4. Pray for your heart to see yourself as a beautiful offering for your husband in every way!  


Amy said...

"Booty do!!"
I always love your bold assignments Nicolle :D

Nicolle said...

Thanks AMY! I made the correction...not sure how I did that!

Robert Hagedorn said...

Eden garden sex?
The lyrics stink.
But the scandal's about evidence.
So forget about lyrics that stink.