Monday, April 5, 2010

Ministry Monday!

I must begin by saying Happy Easter or really Resurrection Sunday. I know that was earlier this month, but never the less it was and is a celebration that we should consider daily! So now that the craziness of our traditional Easter celebration is done for this year. I would challenge us all to think about how the truth of Jesus' Resurrection affects our daily lives. We need to seek the Savior daily and celebrate His resurrection power everyday! What does that look like for you?

For me it is the simplest and yet most complex concept there is....LOVE! The power of the Resurrection is real to me on a daily basis when I think of the Love of God in Christ Jesus! This truth is the driving passion behind any and all ministry I seek to partake in. It was Love that drove Christ to the Cross and Love that resurrected Jesus from the dead. It was love that caused Christ to reach down into the depths of my soul and call to me to salvation, it is that same love the compels me to leap for joy or burst into song when I think of Christ!

This Love that does not fail and has no end! Love that covers sin! Love; if only we could grasp the depths of this love we would be changed! I seek to walk in and give that same love that was afforded to me on the Cross of Calvary! What do you remember about the Cross and Jesus' Resurrection?

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kristines said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, dear sister .... I was thinking upon those very same thoughts this morning ... but, didn't put it down on paper so eloquently ... it just rolled around in my head until a smile came upon my face & it hasn't left me all day!!! In Jesus' Name ... Our Risen, Living, LOVING LORD!!!