Monday, March 23, 2009

Homemaker Moment (a little late!)

This is a really cool moment. My youngest daughter is a READER! She loves books. The school was having a book fair. Of course she wanted books, books and more books. Well, our budget must read and re-read the books you already have because we don't have book money right now. I just flat out told her I would love to buy you books but we can't right now. She was fine with that and seemed to move on (well a little). I told here that during parent teacher conference I would be more than happy to walk her through the fair so she could look at the books, but again there was no budget for purchasing books.

So, I was in a conference with Nicollus' teacher. Just towards the end Nichelle bust out her glamour glare jewels jewelry sets and ask the teacher would she like to buy some. Now understand I met my children at school (they did not come home). Which meant she packed up all her jewelry sets and brought them to school with the intent on selling during conference time. WOW! She sold two full sets to two different teachers (during my conference times) made $16.00 and purchased the books she wanted from the book fair and gave money to her brother and sister! Can you say oh my goodness!

Allow me to help you feel this like I did. I was totally unaware that she was planning this. I am not really sure her siblings knew. This is my 7 year old! She came up with this whole plan all alone. I am just in awe!

After she was able to purchase the books she wanted and gave to her siblings. I praised her for sharing with them and for her entrepreneur skills. We brought it home by acknowledging the Lord's provision amidst it all. God gave her the wisdom, He gave the teachers the money (right amount in cash in their purses...I never carry cash even if I do have money), and God gave them the heart to spend it on her business. Praise the Lord...He provides even for the littlest of these.

Last thing, Nichelle the youngest has a talent for finding money outside. Well one day they wanted something. I told them to pray that we find $5 outside somewhere. So they all prayed and we did not find anything that day. But two days later we went to Kroger. While in the store with the girls trying to find the best deal on cereal that the family likes I looked down and saw a coupon. The coupon was for a free box of Special K 16.9oz (Nichelle's favorite that I never buy because is cost $5). We usually eat that cereal when my mother buys it. She lives next door so we know when she has it. ;) Anyway, there we were in the store with a free coupon for cereal that cost just over $5. Next lesson God may not provide what we want the way we want it and when we want it...but He will show up! When He does it will be for HIS glory, and it will unmistakeably be HIM! Praise God!


Steven Owen said...

This is a pure representation of how awesome God is.
It also shows that we are not the ones who must go out and make money or provision to come to us if God has already orchestrated a way for it to happen.
Nichelle heard God and brought her jewelry. God laid it on the teachers hearts before hand. Isn't that awesome. He used someone to place a $5 coupon at Kroger just for you all to find and use. Isn't that awesome?
It just goes to show that we don't need fund raisers or such in order to provide for something the Lord has called us to do. He is our supplier, provider and most of all Father!

Amy said...

Love this post! :)

These Three Kings said...

can we say tears!! I love this!!
Amen! He is such a amazing PROVIDER!! HAVE ENCOURAGED my faith today!

love you girl!

Vicky said...

What a great Homemaker Moment! I just shared exactly what the end of your post said to another sister in Christ last night. God answers our prayers. It may not always look the way you expect it to, but He answers! PRAISE GOD! =)

righteousnessbyfaith said...

Praise God for He alone is worthy! I praise the Lord for the season He has your family in right now because His faithfulness towards you has been such an amazing blessing to me! It shows me,unfortunately, how much I do not always rely on Him and look to Him for everything, so I am convicted of that immediately. And it also allows me to see the Lord move in such visible, practical ways in your lives and that blesses me to no end. We serve an amazing God!