Monday, March 2, 2009


BCM had its first session of POETHEOLOGY during the month of February. Believers gathered at the Faulkner County Library and were treated to poetry, dance and painting by believers living in Conway. Poetheology is a ministry dedicated to presenting redeemable images of the literary, performance and creative arts to the city of Conway, Arkansas. It is our hope, that believers in Jesus Christ will have the opportunity to express the glory of God through their gifts and at the same time interact with others in the context of the art culture. In each of the successive newsletters, we will profile believers who have a gift in relations to the arts. Our hope is that as you would hear the hearts of these people that we all would enjoy Christ more in how He uses men and women through the arts to declare His name. If you are interested in participating or serving please contact us.

The “City of Hope” is the best way in which to describe the ministry that occurs on a weekly basis in Oakwood. The community of Oakwood is located in the older section of Conway, Arkansas literally on the other side of the tracks. Here at the City of Hope we seek to not only bring the Gospel of Christ in word and deed but also equip believers to minister to the least of our city. We have partnered with two college ministries CHI ALPHA and Elevation, as well as Conway Celebration Church, affectionately called the Barn. Working alongside these believers has not only strengthened our relationship with believers throughout our city but provides the people of Oakwood with Christian examples in their lives. So what happens in Oakwood? On Sundays we gather to preach the Word of God, sing songs, pray and love on the people of the community. The first Sunday of each month is dedicated to meeting the people of Oakwood in their homes, praying with them and building
relationships. Tuesdays, Nicolle and older women meet with women in the community for prayer, Bible Study and fellowship. Finally, we have started to meet with the kids on the first Saturday of each month to play games and look for mentoring opportunities. Lord willing this summer the City of Hope will begin a tutoring program for kids in grades K-12 and also start a mentoring program for young adults and married couples. All of these are meant to be avenues to share the Gospel and have a sustainable presence of Christ in the community.

Wives In Touch is a ministry developed out of the need for women to earnestly seek God on behalf of their husband. As a believing wife and mother heavily involved in ministry, I found myself doing “drive by” prayers for my husband. The term “drive by prayer” is simply what it sounds like. The prayer that takes place while washing dishes, “Lord, bless my husband at work” the end. That is a drive by prayer. I realized that as women we are willing to pray for everyone and everything all the while failing to pray earnestly for our husbands. If the husband is sick or something is wrong then prayer is easy because we need God to do something, NOW! Wives In Touch is about women in touch with the need to seek Christ for their husbands walk with Christ, daily strength, encouragement, leadership, parenting, and marriage. We want to be proactive, laying our husbands at the feet of Christ. We meet in homes once per week and pray for one hour. In our prayer time we focus on one attribute of God, define it and read scriptures in accordance. We use the four steps of prayer method. The first being Praise, we praise God for who He is. The specific attribute helps define our time of praise. The next is Confession. This time can be silent or open. Then we honor the Lord with Thanksgiving. We remember the prayers answer and that builds our faith in the True and Living God. We know that He hears and He answer the cry of our heart. And finally we make request or supplication unto the Lord. The four steps are Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. It is a wonderful and sweet time of prayer. For the wife, submission does not come easy. I have learned and understand that sacrificial servant leadership does not come easy to our husbands either. So as help meets created by God, we need help our husbands in prayer.

Berean Christian Ministry is dedicated to equipping and edifying believers and evangelizing those within the urban areas of the city in order that many would see the glory of God in Jesus Christ. It is our endeavor that God’s name be known to all as we proclaim the risen Savior and serve all He brings in our lives.

Saturday March 7, 2009 Poetheology at the Faulkner County Library, 6:30 pm
Saturday March 21, 2009 Medical Outreach in Oakwood, 11:00 am
Sunday April 12, 2009 Spring BBQ Outreach in Oakwood, 1:00pm

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These Three Kings said...

Wow! I love what the LORD is doing in Conway!!
that encourages me here in Montgomery!!

I cant wait to talk to you
I love that idea of Wives In Touch.. I think I will start one here!

praying for you all!