Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You remember playing this game as a child? I do but only with my friends who knew we were playing it. I mean it is a fun game and all, but I was not trying to get the neighborhood all mad at me for a few moments of fun. Here is how it works if you don't know. You basically walk up to someones door (quietly) ring their door bell or knock on the door, then run away before anyone can see you. Get it Ding Dong Ditch!

Last night we were ding dong ditched but it was the coolest thing. The whole family were sitting around the table just after dinner. We were going through scripture explaining and discussing the work of the Holy Spirit and ultimately the God head. When we heard the doorbell ring. Now when my husband is teaching at home he is not the interrupt kinda guy. So the door bell rang and he kept talking. Now of course the kids and I are thinking is he going to answer the door or release someone to answer it????? After a few seconds he told our son to answer the door, while he reached around the side and looked out.

My husband says there is chicken at the door! Then my son starts this whole thing about poison and people trying to get us! Of course Phil tells him to chill out and open the door. He does and there was about three or four bags of groceries. We brought them in and thanked the Lord for His faithful provision.

We were ding dong ditched. We never saw the individual and I love that! In that the Lord receives all the glory. Christ is provider for us and the family or individual who gave. May God bless you openly for what you have done in secret!


These Three Kings said...

okay...can we say tears!! Our GOD is fully ABLE to provided huh???
wow.. we must catch up this week.. i know i keep saying that, but I really am going to make it a point to talk with you...thank you for being patient with me... i had a few moments in-between watching kiddies and wanted to see if you bloged :)
love you!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Yes HE ABLE to provide for us all! In fact He does faithfully and continually! AMEN!

I am really looking forward to talking to you. There are some things on our hearts (Phil & I) and I believe the Lord is going to use you in our conversation to speak clarity for us. (NO PRESSURE REALLY ;))

Love ya sister!