Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lord's Plan

As many of you (locals) know the medical outreach was postponed due to weather (raining). I am reminded that we plan but the Lord establishes it. There were two different families who recieved "house calls" from the doctor. It was the coolest thing. We had two people in true need of medical care, and were presently without insurance. God gives many of us talents to be used for His glory. One of the families are walking with the Lord solid belivers and needed help. The Lord provided! The other I am not so sure, but the Lord provided! AMEN!

God has a plan greater than ours and His is perfect. We have rescheduled the outreach for April 5. Pray the Lord's will to be done during that time. Thanks All!


These Three Kings said...

Will be praying sister!

hey will you all by any chance attend the CCDA conference this year??? I hope so! we go every year and we come back Highly encouraged and refreshed to go back out on the mission field!
talk to you soon!


homemakerchronicles said...

Nicolle, what is that picture of you guys one your sidebar? That is absolutely PRECIOUS! I LOVE your hair like that recent?

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Nicole, I had not heard of that. Phil explained to me what it is. Do you have any more information. We may look into it. We always need refreshing!


Nicolle Fletcher said...


That is an old picture, but it is Phil's all time favorite. It is Phil's favorite hair style just takes too much time to pull it off. We were going to Def Poetry Jam concert in LA. It was fun!