Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Where are you struggling in your walk with Christ right now? 

I chose this topic because I am struggling to faithful pursue the Lord in scripture.  I am frustrated with individuals around me who don't know the truth of scripture yet I am having the hardest time sitting down to rest in God's word.  While visiting family in California I watched an episode of "Wife Swap".  I learned so much, and felt so much shame as well.  One of the moms was a belly dancer who spent her life belly dancing.  She had belly dancing students come to her home and clean the house while she danced or meditated.  She had a symbol of every faith system in her home because she did not want to be wrong about any one of them, and be overlooked by one.  Okay so enough of the back ground.  Here is the point.  This woman who is hopeless, lost and blind to the truth takes time everyday for one hour to pray/breath/summon spirits/whateva!  But, I am struggling to find time to read the word?  WHAT!  I have the eternal hope of glory.  I am in relationship with the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega.  I have been blessed to be called a child, a joint heir to the throne with Christ and I can't find time to study.  That show slapped me in the face so hard I can still feel the sting even now.  Therefore, I must be honest and say I am without and lacking.  My prayer is that the conviction of the simple show will bring me to a place of repentance and restoration in the area of study and resting in the joy of the Lord once again.

There you have it, my struggle.  What is yours?  If you are not currently struggling through anything would you be kind enough to leave a prayer for me and or others in the comment section of this post.  Let us build on another up in the faith of Christ! 


Precious 3 said...

Yet again, thank you for sharing. *sigh* I have the same struggles. I also struggle with reading the Word and understanding it. So I have started praying BEFORE I read the Bible. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before! It helps my attitude, instead of thinking I shouldn't read it because I won't understand it anyway, I just get honest with God and tell Him I don't understand, but I WANT to, and ask Him to show me what I need to learn as I read. I also have been talking to my husband more about what I read. Since he was crazy busy with VBS, I have a list of questions written down for him LOL.

My other struggle-just forgetting that God figures into my day-to-day things, not just the big ones. I start getting confident, and doing things my way thinking I am self-sufficient. God is quick to remind me to look to Him for all things!

Saying a prayer for you :)

These Three Kings said...

Same struggle for me as well right now..Its been a week I have struggled to pay attention to what I am reading in my times alone with God as well as trying to really trying to dig in as I am so use to. I am also struggling in the area of loving my enemies. My family, and our ministry is being attacked and honestly I am tired of it. I am reading through 1 peter 1 tonight before I go to bed. Thank you for your prayers. I am praying for you as well

vicky said...

In all honesty, I struggle with loving the Body of Christ. Yep, I'm not proud of it but it is true. And, I'm not just talking about the members of the Body I go to church with either but the Church Body at large. What is my problem?! I don't know what my problem is! People have just really been getting on my nerves lately! :( I know that I can't love others the way Jesus tells me I need to but I also know that that's why I continue to need a Savior; not just for my salvation but for EVERY BIT of my daily walk. I even started thinking, "You know, me and Jesus we're alright why do I need all these other people (okay I was really thinking fools...shame on me!) around?!" but I know that's not right or how it works. Anyway, there's where I've honestly been and I would appreciate your prayers. I will pray for you to have a burning desire for God's Word (that's something else I need too but that actually seems to be getting better since Farrell and I purposed individual "quiet time" first thing every morning before homeschool...praise the Lord)! Thank you for sharing and for your honesty, Nicolle...

vicky said...

One more thing, because this has been such an issue for me lately, I had/have even begun to question my salvation due to being told that if I don't have love for the Body, I should seriously question whether or not I have a saving faith... :( ...pray for me, please and thank you!