Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Ministry

Her name is "Undesirable".  She has been raped by her father over and over.  She has given birth to one of her father's children and one by another man.  She can't keep her children because DHS has found her unfit as a mother.  All the while giving food stamps and government aide to her mother who is fully aware of what is happening between the father and the daughter.  The mother hates the daughter because she stole her husbands affection.  Now the daughter will sleep with anyone.  She has repeatedly slept with a man who she knows has an STD and is married.  Her siblings keep calling her stupid for being with him.  Her response is "Maybe I want to die and this is how I want to do it."  She has been in and out of juvenile jail.  She wears an ankle bracelet.  She was kicked out of school because of her pregnancy.  The administration at the school thinks of her as a whore.  Some days she wants to cry out and tell her story but if she does her mother will beat her within an inch of her life.  So she remains silence, and angry.  The hatred builds and builds. 

Undesirable is young....very young.  She is 16 years old.  By the worlds standard she is ugly.  She is fat, dirty, unkept in every way and uneducated.  She lives in an undesirable part of town, where drug abuse is ramped.  She is unseen and unheard everyday of her life.  She wonders everyday, "Why am I here? If there is a God would He be merciful and kill me, right here, right now?!"  Her exterior is hard and cold.  She will curse you up one way and down another.  She likes to fight people in the outside world because it is the only way she can relate to people.  It is the only way her mother, father and siblings relate to her.  She doesn't think there is anything good about her at all.  Her life is filled with hatred, bitterness and fear.

This Ministry Monday is about our responsibility to minister to "the undesirable".  The person described above is a picture of the many women with whom God has given me the opportunity to minister to.  Allow me to take a few moments to describe what ministry to this type of woman may look like.

The primary goal is to get this person to see, know Christ and find value in the person God created them to be.  However, the direct approach is not to walk up to this person and say.....Do you know Jesus?  or Here are the 10 commandments, how many of these have you broken?   You don't have to convince this person of their sin.  They are already aware of it.  They need to be convinced of God's love inspite of their sin.  Then you need to help them see the Hope that lies in Christ Jesus.  You will have to answer on some level the question of "Why me?"   This is a great work and will take years and years to address the many concerns.  Truth be told often you are not the person who gets to walk with that person in salvation.  In this raw stage you are actually tilling the grow.  Then you may plant a seed or two.  You may even be blessed enough to water.  It is always God who gives the increase and you may not get to see that happen.  That is were you have to be strong in your faith in Christ.

 Here is what I would say.  Offer the hope of Christ and address the immediate need.  Be consistent in their life, even if that means you get cursed out every time.  Prayer, prayer prayer is key.  We need to show this person the love they have never seen before in this life time.  A love not of this world.  Befriend Undesirable, enter into a relationship with her! 

Here is a challenge question: 
Why don't you engage in relationship with "Undesirable"? 
If you do have a relationship with Undesirable, What are the difficulties you experience? What are the joys?

Here are some ways you can help us to continue to minister and love "Undesirable".
This week begins King's Club during the week. 
Tuesday and Thursday @ 2:00pm-4:00pm in Oakwood
Still Match Funds for the Mobile Home....we still need 89 people to donate $35.00 to match funds for the mobile home.  We are also looking for 98 people to donate $15 to move the mobile home from its current location to the mobile home park.

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