Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to Life!

Do you remember the song "Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back from the Fantasy...Yeah ah!"?  Well, if you do or don't that is my theme song as of this last week.  I was blessed to go to California with my mother and kids for two weeks.  We drive there and back.  Upon our return to Conway we hit the ground runnin'.  A seminar the next day, appointments with clients throughout the week, community service projects on and on.  California you were great but it is certainly back to life.  I actually need a few days vacation from my vacation and my life.  But, this is the reality that is mine.  Busy, busy up hill climb, then the plateau and down hill......of course to repeat it all over again. 

Basically I am writing today to say....."I'M BACK!"


These Three Kings said...

welcome back!! love the new look of the blog! :)

Nicolle said...

Thanks Nicole!