Friday, May 8, 2009


It has been weeks since I have posted a homemaker moment. So with great joy and excitement I am searching for a moment to share with you. oh I remember a very cool moment! Here goes....

It was one Sunday night we were just hang out in our bedroom with the kids. I had a talk with my daughter about puberty earlier that day. It was awesome, she was very receptive to the conversation. I have to set this up in order for you to understand the family dynamic. In instructing my daughter about the days ahead (specifically menstrual cycle) we needed create a training drill. This was learned by all the drills and field time from the military. Holla, if you know what I am talking about (military wives). I gave her a pad and showed her how to use it. We actually put it on and let her wear it around and I would later teach her how to discard. Discarding is a very important step, please instruct your girl carefully!

Now to the family conversation.

Have you ever wondered what your children are actually learning from you? Well, I have. That night we asked them what they see in us.

My question was from three specific marriages whose would you like yours to be like and why? Our son was the first to answer. He said, "Yours because there is lots of affection." Then my oldest daughter chimed in with the same response. Our youngest daughter said, "Yours because I see lots of respect." Can you say WOW! I was relieved, thankful, blessed and amazed! I mean you want your children to get the message you are instilling, but you don't really know if they are getting it. So it was awesome to hear them articulate in their own words.

"We ask what nice or mean things do you hear dad say about mom, and vice versa?" Our son, first responder once again, states "Dad is always saying that I have the hottest wife and that moms a fox and stuff." The youngest states, "Dad calls you his queen." Of course that was what both girls identified with. Najee' is striving to overthrow me by calling herself a queen or at least one in training. Nichelle, however fully understands that she doesn't get the title queen until we find the king God created her for. What does mom say nice about dad? The room went silent! :0 Nichelle goes into how mom is always doing something nice, like cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, grocery shopping, going to the school, giving birth with people and taking care of everyone.

It was funny how she hit the nail right on the head. In regards to my family I am all about getting the job done. Clearly that has shown up as well. I have been seeking the Lord about opening my mouth with praise more often towards my husband and my children. I don't desire them to be only workers.

Anyway, then we start talking about what they would like to be and or do as adults. Nicollus says, "I want to preach the gospel in a mobile home like dad." Then all of a sudden my daughter walks out of our bathroom and announces that she took off her pad and put on a new one! Phil looks at me and I look at him. Then he says, "You forgot a few details!" In that moment I realize she is using material that I will actually need! "Hold up little sister! First you don't announce your business, second you don't get to keep putting on new pads because I will need them." I responded. With a look of sorrow she says, "okay". However that was just after she put her finger over her mouth and said, "shhhhhhh" to everyone in the room as a sign of privacy.

If that was not funny enough, we continue talking. Nicollus starts preaching a sermon about how the man has to work to provide for his family. The wife and children get to enjoy the benefits of the mans labor. Then it goes on and on. I am praying now for the mobile park my son leads...they are in for some long winded sermons!

All that to say, by the grace of God we are doing our job as parents. I can't boast in anything but Christ. He is working all these things in us as well as our children. I know the homemaker moments are to "brag on yourself" but in this case I really can't. It is by God's grace ALONE that all this is taking place. I am sure we all understand that as we post our homemaker moments but I thought I'd make that statement in the event someone thought this was my or Phil's wonderful parenting.

I hope this encourages you as moms and even dads to seek the wisdom of God in all things. Remember those little people that live in your home are watching and absorbing everything. Pray they absorb Christ in the end!


These Three Kings said...

Oh wow.. this was great! Praise the LORD for your witness... I must confess.. I am scared to ask me little one.. ( I am sure this is pride) there is no telling what she will say...

thanks for the encouragement!

homemakerchronicles said...

You are such a great mom! I love the openness your family guys are blessed!
Thanks for participating

Holly said...


That is SO funny! a training drill.... now you have to file an AAR or are you counting this post as one?! See you could include discretion as a point, how often to change,discarding, and that if you have a dog make sure you have a trash can with a lid! ;) Just no powerpoint presentations please! *snort*

I have thought of you often this year as President and Phil's comment that sometimes people need to "go bleed" and get over it. I love women's ministry!
Hmmm now what would my children say? What a blessing that your children are getting it!