Thursday, May 7, 2009

Question and Answer Series

There are many things we run into ministering in the City of Hope. So this is an opportunity for us to discuss somethings that we deal with. Much of this comes from people in "Christiandom" always arguing church form and function, theology and the like. However you are not going to have those conversations when your feet are on the ground runnin!

This question was the very first late night call I received....What would you say to this?
This woman and her children had been faithfully coming to the worship service we held in the park on Sunday afternoon. She claimed to be a christian. And this was the phone call. My husband whom I love asked me to have sex in front of him with another guy who lives in the trailer park. I did. In fact I have done that several times. But now he is calling me a hoe and a slut. I only did it because he liked it and took pleasure from it. I really did not think anything was wrong with it, because he liked it so much. I think he was really drunk this time and he hit me and walked out. He is also questioning if the children are his. I don't know what to do. Can you help me?

What would you do and or say?


2x2 Ministries said...

Recently I heard a discussion on submitting to husbands, employers, parents. The speaker said that we are to submit as to the Lord, meaning that we are to submit as long as we are not being required to sin. When the requirement is sin, civil disobedience is called for. We are not to submit to sin.

This woman's actions don't mean that she's not a Christian. It could just mean that she does not understand sin or submission. It seems that her heart is in the right place...pleasing her husband. The ultimate responsibility lies with him, but she is also accountable for her part.

Nicolle Fletcher said...

okay 2X2 you present a very interesting position!

Just so everyone knows I will refrain from commenting (agreeing or disagreeing) until the conversation is complete. Thanks for joining the discussion 2X2!

Looking forward to more comments and insight!