Friday, February 13, 2009


This is my homemaker moment for this week! I am displaying my daughters business...Glamour Glare Jewels. If you would like to purchase a jewelry set that is shown below...please leave a comment or email the girls directly at This is a business owned and operated by three young christian girls. They have chosen to donate 5% of all profits to children in need of school supplies. We forget that children are in need of those supplies year round. Nichelle has been on a mission for sometime to help children with their crayon supplies. Last year (kindergarten) she would ask me week after week to purchase crayons. I couldn't for the life of me understand how she was going through so many boxes of crayons. Well I found later that she was giving them away to children who broke theirs, had worn them down, or had parents who couldn't afford to buy them. This year their business will help aid other children with crayons, paper, pencils, notebooks etc. So consider helping their business get off the ground.

Bracelet and Earring Set $5.00

Necklace $6.00 with Earrings $8.00

Girls Pink Dragonfly bracelet $3.00

(1) Bracelet and Earrings Set $5.00 (2)Bracelet and Earrings $8.00

Bracelet $3.00

Necklace $6.00

Necklace and Bracelet (Kids Size) $6.00

We are also able to accept credit cards! I mean it is 2009 RIGHT!

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