Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Does that shock you? Well if you know me it should. I am so pro choice it is ridiculous. I spent time today with a young lady who thinks she is pregnant. She has given birth to three children, is living with the boyfriend, is not married and has no plan to get married, struggles everyday to keep her children (open CPS case) the children recently returned to her custody....she thinks she is pregnant. The boyfriend's advice was to have an abortion. She even quoted that President Obama says it is okay. Okay, so at this point I am losing it.

I shared with her that I am pro choice, but here is the catch. "You know the point when you were kissin' and huggin' and thought "I want to go all the way?"" BINGO! Your choice! I am for you making a choice at that moment! Anything that comes from two people choosing to wear married people clothes, (I would normally say big girl drawls or big boy drawls) like children is a not a choice! If you are blessed enough to be one who is with child and really did not want to be, then you should consider not opening your legs or putting your hose down the drain. Zip it, Lock it, tuck it...CHOOSE!

But don't MURDER WHAT GOD CREATED inside of you!

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mrs_eric said...


You are always keeping me guessing! As I saw the beginning of your post, my jaw dropped. But, I never should've doubted you!
I miss you girl.