Monday, September 1, 2008

To All The Titus 2 Teachers Who Didn't Know They Were Teaching

This is all about the women who God has placed in my life to teach me. These women are unaware of their impact on my life. However today I feel lead to give them a shout out and encourage them to continue in the Faith and stand firm in the truth. Not one of these women sat me down to tell me any of these things. They were simply living their lives to honor the Lord as they knew and know how. From them I have grown and are continuing to grow into a mature woman in Christ. So this is my Ode or Shout Out to You!

Angie Cate: Taught me that children are gifts from God. They are to be a delight to their parents.

Abby Swaney: Taught me submission!

Brenda Lindsay: Taught me what it means to be hospitable, love others, and remain focused on loving your husband and training your children.

Carla Owen: Showed me what a quiet and mild spirit looks like.

Cheri Steininger: Taught me to endure hardship as a good soldier. My reward is in Heaven. If I am faithful to Christ He will be faithful to me. Suffering in this life only brings us closer to Christ. We are no greater than He who suffered all for us.

Donna Yeager: Taught me how to be relational with a teenage daughter. I don’t have to practice that one yet…However I do have an example.

Holly Massie: Taught me that I can teach and educate my children. Not to fear what I don’t know or don’t understand but to walk in what the Lord has instructed.

Karen Robins: Taught me to pray faithfully and wait on the Lord.

Kawana Hayes: Taught me to be bold and stand up for what is right. To speak the truth in love, with Boldness!

Kay Wenzel: Taught me to Honor My Husband and to be His delight. Kay taught me the importance of Prayer for my children, MIT. To train them in the way of the Lord so when they are to make their own decisions we can trust them to do well and not lord over them.

Kristin Hathaway: Taught me to put family first. To worship the Lord with my Family and live out my faith with them. First family I observed practicing family integrated worship!

Stephanie Johnson: Taught me to evangelize. My faith is not real if I hide it and in fact don’t seek out the Lost to share the good news of the gospel.

Tambi Gregor: Taught me what it means to serve others. She taught me to be diligent in my search of the Lord in scripture.

Tawanna Purter: Taught me to give of myself sexually to my husband without shame.

So once again Ladies I thank you for how the Lord has used you to show me His truth!


angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
you've got a really nice blog here. i like all the warm autumn colors and the snap shots section. :o)
i really enjoyed this post giving props to all of the women who have taught you in various ways throughout you life- it is a beautiful tribute to them. it made me think of the women in my life who have been/are my gracious mothers & sisters in the Lord.

here's to happy blogging!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Hello Mrs. Maverick!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Check out the sisters building sisters site. I think you would really enjoy it. The woman who put that site together did a really nice job.

angela aka mrs. maverick said...

hi nicolle,
i did check out sisters building sisters, and you are right, i did enjoy it. actually, i sent an e-mail to all of my friends and sisters in the Lord inviting them to check out your blog, sisterbsisters, and woman2woman. perhaps some ladies will visit and be encouraged and challenged by what they read.
if you're interested in checking out cheryl her blog is,
i know we can be a blessing to one another.