Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moments in the Word PART 2

Dear Friend,

If you were satisfied with the Heaven described in the last post, I would strongly encourage you to CHECK your salvation! 

If you can find satisfaction in anything at the end of this life other than CHRIST you are LOST!  The Heaven described in the last post is HELL!  I know you are saying, "Seriously how could one describe hell with all the natural pleasure that were noted in that description?"  Simply put, it was void of Christ!

What was lost in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned?  They lost God! Not that God could not find His way to them but their sin caused a separation between man and God.  In that separation they were punished.  They had life without God/Christ.  Christ was in the beginning with God and in deed was God (that was a sidebar). Christianity without Christ is just a bunch of "good morals" that will lead you to Hell.

Heaven is about CHRIST! Let's paint a new picture...

If you walk into the gates of Heaven and hear the words, "Well, done my good and faithful servant." Then you walk into what seems like a throne room and the only thing there is God the Father and Christ on His right hand. 

Would you be satisfied? 

Is Christ enough for you?


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These Three Kings said...

HMMMM!!!!!!! you provoke me to greater FAITH all the time. Wow! My favorite post.