Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Banquet Review!

The Sunday before Thanksgiving found the community of Oakwood alive with people, food, and a spirit of love and acceptance. City of Hope Outreach planned and organized a lunch for people inside and outside Oakwood.

There were many people impressed with effort from City of Hope and its volunteers. Gina, who once lived in Oakwood, said, “I really appreciate the work Phillip and CoHO are doing here.” Several people discussed how simply odd it seemed that a group would just give away so much food.

Before the meal began, the area was swarmed by volunteers from churches and ministries from the Conway area. “I volunteer here because I really enjoy making a difference and serving people and this is a great place to do so,” explained a volunteer from UCA’s Chi Alpha. He continued, “I plan to volunteer here again.” These volunteers served food in a buffet style line and also took it to people eating at tables.

Phillip Fletcher, the director of City of Hope Outreach, spoke about the presence of food in throughout the bible. From the passover feast to the last supper and finally the final marriage supper. He related these events to the lunch in Oakwood, saying that both would find believers of all backgrounds, regardless of social class, ethnicity or wealth. After delivering a powerful message, Phillip asked for blessing for the food and everyone ate.

As people began finishing their food, Nicolle Fletcher, announced and began reading people’s card board testimonies, their personal stories of conversion featuring a description of themselves before salvation on one side and after salvation on the other. Everyone clapped and cheered as signs we’re flipped delivering messages of, “Victim” to, “Victorious” and, “Addicted” to, “freed.”

The event came to a close with Phillip speaking again, this time on hope. He delivered a message laying out the need for God by all people, regardless of wealth, ethnicity or social class. Phillip closed in prayer and volunteers cleaned up, distributing all the leftover food they could.

Written by Brent Nelson

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