Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Special Note for Parents

Okay so I have been teaching my children to help in managing the home this summer and that has helped us to enjoy many other pleasures. Here is one of my first huge mistakes.

I told my daughters to get all their underclothes together (underwear, socks, t-shirts and wash one load of clothes with those items. They needed to make sure they washed it, dried them, folded them and finally put them away.

I told Nicollus to gather all the towels from everyone laundry basket throughout the house and wash one load of towels. Well, later when I went to check the wash after the girls had moved their things, I saw the load my son did.

The washing machine was full full full full of all the towel from every laundry basket in the house! When I told him what to do I did not mean for him to wash every towel in one load. I just wanted him to be responsible to wash one load of towels from the pile he gathered.

I opened the washing machine and his load of towels was complete however they were soaking wet and full. You how laundry looks after the rinse cycle? They are completely rung out. These were completely soaking wet because they could not get rung out. I ran the spin cycle two more times to drain the water.

My heart broke looking at the washing machine attempt to high spin 100lbs of wet towels! Anyway all is well. The washing machine is still working. The clothes are clean. I understand I must be more detailed when I give instructions. My son understands that you can't put all the dirty towels in one wash. Funny Fletcher story from this week!

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Phillip Fletcher said...

Well praise God, the washer still works!