Monday, December 15, 2008

Update! Doula or Midwife

I posted a while back about me become a doula or a midwife. Well after some time and prayer I have deceided to begin the training to become a doula which will lead to me becoming a midwife. I am excited because it is just another opportunity for the Lord to use my gifts for His glory. I think it is important that a woman feel as comfortable as possible during one of the most life changing events she will ever experience. So as a doula I will be able to mother the mother in the hospital as well as at a home birth. Many women simply don't understand the fact that God created the human body and in His timing, (not the doctor or nurse who needs to get this one out so they can go to the next one) He will bring life from the womb. Bascially your body will do what God created it to do in its own timing. I digress. I am just excited to be on this new adventure with the Lord. So if you are pregnant or looking to plan a pregnancy and you are in Little Rock, or Conway. Give me a call and I can be your doula :)!

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