Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There was a small incident in the moblie home park on Sunday. A young girl stole money from my daughters wallet that was inside my van. The amount of money was very little ($6), yet it was the principle that mattered more to me. Then a young boy threw a cookie at my daughter (cookies that my children and I made together for the people of Oakwood). While working for the Lord my daughters were abused and taken advantage of. Hummmmmmmm what do we say about these things?

My first instinct was to unleash the claws! I have had a few times of wanting to unleash my momma wrath, but the Lord held me appropriately. So I prayed and the Lord gave me insight. I drove to the mobile home park to find the mother. She wasn't there so the Lord gave me an opportunity to minister to another lady. Who said "the Lord knew I needed to talk to you". She felt encouraged and was given insight on her situation. Then the mother of the children pulled up. So I told her what took place and how that affected my children.

On Sunday this mother was upset at another child because he was throwing a frisbee and it hit her car. She went wild and profaned the child and told the mother she needed to do something with her child (implying the child was out of control and needed discipline).

I reminded her of that statement and informed her to apply that same expression with her own two children. Titus came to mind....older women teach the younger to love (philio= delight in, friendship, relational love) their husbands and children. So I proceeded to explain that her children need her to delight in them. More than anything this world can offer, they need her and ultimately Christ. They need her to care and be interested in them. So the conversation went really well.

I praise God that He allowed this opportunity so I could further build relationships and address the day to day lives of these women. The Lord allowed me to instruct younger women in righteousness (only found in Christ) and help my children to see how truly blessed they are to have parents who love and care for them. But more importantly their Heavenly Father is abundant in blessings, love, and righteousness. The $6 can be replaced and the cookie was soft! But they saw their mother address sin in a loving, caring way. So I pray that the next time the mama bear claws show, that Christ would again show Himself stronger and greater!


mommy of 2 said...

Your story touched my heart today in more ways than one (convicting and encouraging at the same time). Thanks so much for sharing. You have been a blessing to me today. May God continue to bless you and keep you. Happy HOLY days!

These Three Kings said...

oh wow.. you are a christian!!!!! LOL

I pray the same prayer.. things can be tough out here...my claws were out this past week at a mom who was upset that her children had been calling her cell phone because they wanted to see her..they had not seen her in two days.. her response: " I am grown, you can miss me sometimes"... oh really...

my hope is that the LORD Would continue to provide that FUTURE GRACE we need to show our neighbors what a treasure CHRIST is.... and this would be the key that would PROVOKE them to FAITH in HIM

thanks again for sharing!

These Three Kings said...
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