Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wonderful Week!

The Lord has blessed this week! I have spent time with a wonderful group of young ladies. This brought an overwhelming sense of joy to my heart! I praise the Lord that these relationships will continue to grow and develop for the Glory of Christ.

Here is the challenge for the next two weeks!
Go somewhere you have not been before and met someone new. Invite them to dinner, a playdate or out for coffee/tea. Here is the biggest thing try to find someone different from you. Either clearly in another financial tax bracket, another ethnicity or someone much older or younger.

I want to hear about your experiences. What were your fears in seeking out someone unlike yourself? Did you find that what you feared most was nothing to be feared? Did you find that you were not only afraid and uncomfortable but you don't plan on trying that again? I want to hear all about your experience.

Blessing in Christ!


These Three Kings said...

okay.. I am going to do it. Thanks for the challenge! you always encourage and provoke me to faith!!!

Vicky said...

Okay, this is an easy one for me because of the son I am raising! Farrell (much like his parents) has never met a stranger. He makes friends pretty easily. We went to Jump!Zone last week with Stormie and her kids and before leaving, Farrell was introducing me to a young man named Wyatt that he met and played with while there. I walked over and introduced myself to his mom before we left and gave her our phone number so we could get our sons together to play some more. I love meeting new people too and it is a good thing with Farrell around! Great challenge Nicolle! :O)