Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Faces in Old Places!

On Tuesday of this week I had coffee at Starbucks with a friend. It was a great time of fellowship. While we were there a homeless entered. I was unaware as my back was to him. The barista was mopping the floor. I looked at my friend and said they need to clean that mop water it smells like pee! Then I turned to see the older homeless gentlemen in the corner. We continued to talk then I felt compelled to do something for him wasn't sure what was needed. My friend having a better view of everything said they gave him food and drink. So we concluded he was taken care of at least for that time. We spoke to him as we left and that was the end or so we thought.

Today I was at Target with my daughter. She was blessed with a gift card and HAD to use at least some of it. Well, that brought us to the Starbucks inside Target. What did my eyes behold, it was the man from the other night! So I thought to myself I need to just say hello today. I mean a real hello like I can see you when all the world seem to ignore that fact that you are here because you are different from "normal". Anyway I told Najee to finish her drink and I was going to talk to this guy. I talked to him, his name is Joe. He is indeed homeless and living in the city of Conway right now. We talked for about ten minutes. He shared a part of his story with me. I asked lots of questions and he answered. We both acknowledged that I was all in his business but it was fun for us both. I gave him our phone number and will be looking for him again.

Praise the Lord for this encounter. I am praying for him that the Lord would have His perfect work in Joe's heart, mind, body and soul! We are willing vessels if you choose to use us!

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Kathy said...

I love that in addition to loving as Christ did, would and is still doing, you are modeling it to your daughter and in all of that, reminding us. Love to you from me!