Sunday, December 20, 2009

We've been married 12 years now!

So today was a blessed day. Phil and I have been married for 12 years. I can say with the utmost confidence..."there were days, weeks, and months that caused me to believe we would not make thus far". However by God's grace foreknowledge and purpose for our lives we are standing together strong, with great joy, and completely in love!

I just want to add this little note. We went to a Christmas party with some friends it was all couples and adult only (that was fun!). Anyway a question was put on the table for all to answer. What has your spouse done for you that you will never forget, or was super cool, something you loved etc etc? I answered the question but when I got home I realized I missed the thing my husband has done for me that has meant the most. He preached a sermon to me and me alone when I was struggling through some biblical understanding. In the moment I did not realize all the effort he put into explaining through scripture. But afterwards, like an hour and a half later I realized he put as much effort into helping me as he would a congregation of 1,000 people. My walk with the Lord is that important to him. Not only that, he was not able to study for the week and then come back with a layed out message. God just used him as a willing vessel to speak truth and understanding into my heart. For that I am so very grateful.

I am enjoy the rest of this evening reflecting on God's grace for both my husband and I. It would be normal to spend time with your spouse but my husband is sick in the bed (in sickness and in health right!). Gotta love the gift of marriage!

Here are some recent pictures we took. ENJOY!


These Three Kings said...

okay...why am I grinning soo hard right now! I love the pics! Happy Anniversary!! you are just too cute! I cant wait for the day we meet face to face! Merry Christmas! love ya!

Nicolle Fletcher said...

Merry Christmas to you as well! We are seriously planning to come your way. Don't know when but we both have a strong desire to visit. We will see what the Lord will do.

Nicolle Fletcher said...

oh, thanks Nicole.

Khola said...

I love your pics and happy anniversary